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Young and the Restless star Corey Sligh GUILTY of child molestation

Soap opera star Corey Sligh has been convicted of one count of child molestation over claims made by a female family member.

Sligh, who starred in The Young And The Restless, was found guilty by a Georgia jury of one count of child molestation and cleared of another.

The actor is also accused of child molestation against the same girl, who was eight years old at the time the crimes were reported, in a separate incident in Florida and is still awaiting trial on that charge.    

Young and the Restless star Corey Sligh GUILTY of child molestation

Corey Sligh (left after his arrest in October 2016 and right, after his arrest a month later following more accusations from the same child) has been convicted on one count of child molestation. He is still awaiting trial on another count

Sligh was first arrested in Georgia in October 2016 after the girl’s parents brought her claims to police. 

The incident itself took place between April and September, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports. 

He was then arrested again in November, this time in Florida, after further allegations surfaced.

Sligh allegedly made the girl ‘touch his penis with her hand’ according to the federal charging documents, reported TMZ.   

The actor, who landed a role as a featured extra on the soap The Young & the Restless back in 2014, denied the claims made in both cases.  

Both arrests stemmed from allegations made by the same 8-year-old female family member. 

The first arrest came on October 14 in Cherokee County Georgia.

The young girl and her mother told authorities in Georgia that Sligh had molested her, claiming he touched her over Easter.

The girl said that Sligh touched her other times as well between April 1 and September 24, the day that the family first contacted Georgia police.  

‘During interview Corey stated his penis was “grabbed” by [redacted] but he was not trying to “get off” or do anything sexual,’ according to an affidavit filed at the time.

It goes on to state that Sligh then ‘confirmed the specific details of the incident and interaction between himself [and the alleged victim].’ 

Corey Sligh was convicted of one count of child molestation in Cherokee County, Georgia in June 2018 

Sligh was found guilty at Cherokee County court in Georgia after the girl accused him of touching her between April and September 2016

He was released that day on a bond of $22,000, with his interview being both recorded and filmed at the station that day. 

In November Sligh was arrested by deputies from the Walton County Sheriff’s Office in Florida after the young relative told authorities that he molested her on a family vacation over the summer.

The 8-year-old girl claims that she was sleeping in her bed while on a week-long trip to Rosemary Beach with her family at the end of June when Sligh snuck into her room and began to touch her vagina.

She also said that Sligh, 29, grabbed her hand at one point as well and made her touch his penis.

The report filed by police in Walton County reveals that authorities were first alerted about the alleged sexual battery back in September.

The mother of the victim told police that she ‘asked her daughter if anybody has ever touched her in her “privates”‘ after she detected a shift in her child’s behavior, at which point the girl told her about the alleged assault.

Sligh was hospitalized after being attacked by the two men he had asked to 'be careful' as they did donuts in their cars in a Rite Aid parking lot in LA in 2014.  

Sligh was hospitalized after being attacked by the two men he had asked to ‘be careful’ as they did donuts in their cars in a Rite Aid parking lot in LA in 2014.  

The child told her mother, and later police, that she had been trying to sleep when Sligh made his way into her room and got in bed with her.

‘She stated to [redacted] that he grabbed her hand and tried to touch his penis with her hand but she snatched her hand away,’ claims the report.

‘He then pulled her panties down and proceeded to touch her in the vaginal area then started rubbing his penis on her vagina.’

Sligh turned himself into police after learning there was a warrant out for his arrest, and was allowed to walk free soon after on a $99,000 bond.  

Sligh’s legal trouble comes two years after he was run down and brutally beaten in a Rite Aid parking lot while out in Los Angeles.

The fight started after Sligh asked the men to be careful while they were in their cars pulling donuts outside the pharmacy, a comment that resulted in the group driving up to the actor and viciously attacking him as his girlfriend looked on.

He ended up in the hospital as a result of the incident with a broken arm and other injuries that ultimately required surgery.