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Young Australian YouTuber reveals how he saved $100,000 in three years

A young Australian YouTuber has revealed how he saved $100,000 in three years – without any help from his family. 

Brandon, the Canberra-based man behind the YouTube channel Aussie Wealth Creation, doesn’t share much about himself but he has divulged his secrets to making money – and says ‘if I can do it, anyone can’.

‘I am just a regular dude, and if I can do it, you guys can definitely do it as well. There’s no funny business like mummy or daddy’s money,’ he said in a video.

He said saving this amount was a matter of applying four key tactics and not expecting to grow your bank balance without ‘hard work, smart strategy and a bit of discipline’.


Brandon from Canberra (pictured) has revealed his four key tactics that helped him save $100,000 in three years 

1. More than one income source

Brandon, a healthcare worker, revealed he has five ‘different streams of income’, with the biggest being from his job which he works at part-time.

He said this income stream had contributed the most to his savings over the course of three years and accounted for 60 per cent in total.

‘It is by far the biggest contributor, but it’s not the only source of income. I think a lot of people tend to only rely on one source of income and that can get you into a bit of strife.’

What is passive investing? 

* Passive investing tends to suit those who would rather take more of a ‘set and forget’ approach.

* Passive investors often invests over long periods of time, adopting the buy and hold tactic. 

* This is the opposite of active investing which tends to suit those who are chasing shorter term gains. 


Brandon said YouTube provided a second stream of income, one which accounted for 15 per cent of his total savings.

Working as a gym instructor also provided an extra source of income. This contributed 10 per cent of Brandon’s total savings.

Another smaller source was from ‘passive investing’ and contributed 10 per cent of the total the young entrepreneur had saved.

Brandon’s final stream of income came from course and t-shirt sales, and although the smallest stream, it’s one he said didn’t need any activity on his part.

2. Do not get into debt

Aside from a no interest loan, the YouTuber said he didn’t have any debt whatsoever. 

‘I have a HECS Help Loan but that sits a zero per cent so it’s just indexed to inflation,’ he said.

‘I don’t have mortgage, I don’t have any personal loans, I don’t have a car loan, I don’t have any credit card debt and this is a conscious decision I’ve made.’

Brandon's pie chart shows the five sources on income he used to grow his savings to $100,000

Brandon’s pie chart shows the five sources on income he used to grow his savings to $100,000

Brandon explained the reason he didn’t take on debt was because he wanted to make his situation ‘as cash flow positive as possible’.

He said not having his money tied up in debt meant he had the funds available to invest when the opportunity presented itself.

‘I don’t want to be tied down by any liabilities. Basically I want to avoid committing myself to any situation that just takes money out of my pocket each month.’

‘One of the key factors to being able to save the amount I have is not being dragged down or limited by having a lot of abilities or debt. 

What are the four key tactics Brandon used to save $100,000 in three years? 

1. Have multiple income streams: This means not just relying on your job as a single source of income but developing as many other income streams as you can.

2. Avoid debt: Although Brandon has a student loan, he said this doesn’t come with interest. He refuses to take on any sort of other debt including a mortgage or credit card as he prefers to have the money to invest.

3. Have a side business: His advice to those looking to make extra money is to find a way to monatise a passion. He said YouTube has grown for him over the past few years and continues to generate a strong stream of income.

4. Living frugally: Above all else, Brandon said live within your means and where possible cut out extra expenses. He said he doesn’t go to expensive restaurants, shops the sales for clothing and takes his lunch to work everyday 

3. Have a side business

Those looking to save will have heard about the importance of having a ‘side hustle’, an interest or activity that helps bring in extra income.

This is also something Brandon said has helped him save extra towards his goal over the course of the past three years.

‘Everyone should take a passion of theirs, something they truly love and try to monetise this, some sort of side hustle or side business.

‘If it fails, what is the worst that can happen? If you are doing something you enjoy, then who cares you’ve still had fun while you are doing it.’

Brandon said his side hustle has always been YouTube, something that has slowly turned into business and brand.

‘The great thing about side hustles and side businesses is the money and growth isn’t capped.’

The young entrepreneur said he ride a motorbike because it only costs him $8 a week in petrol and $290 a year to register

The young entrepreneur said he ride a motorbike because it only costs him $8 a week in petrol and $290 a year to register

4. Live frugally

Brandon said in order to achieve his goal, he has been focused on the idea of living entirely within his means.

To help him stay on course, he said he shopped for clothing at online sales and he rode a motorbike to keep his transport costs low.

‘It only costs me around $8 a week in petrol and a 12-month registration was only $290.’

He said he won’t eat out at expensive restaurants and also takes his lunch to work every day.

‘It’s interesting because it’s the little expenses that start really add up.’

‘So if you take away those luxuries and those things you spend heaps of money on, you can actually set yourself up with a very low cost of living.’ 


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