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Young boy found so drunk at daycare he was three times over drink-drive limit

Daycare owner charged after young boy got so DRUNK in her care he was three times over the drink-drive limit

  • Doris Ott, 50, ran a daycare center from her home in northern Maryland 
  • In April last year one child fell out of his chair, wouldn’t wake up, and was ‘limp’ 
  • Ott called the boy’s mother who took him to hospital and found he was drunk 
  • Ott, who vehemently denies any wrongdoing, has been charged with neglect

A daycare owner has been charged with neglect after a young boy was found drunk while in her care. 

Doris Ott, 50, who ran a daycare center from her Maryland home, was charged last month after the boy was found ‘pale and limp’ in her care in April last year.

Ott had called the infant boy’s mother around 4pm to say that he had fallen out of his chair and she couldn’t wake him up.

Doris Ott, 50, has been arrested and charged after a young boy was found so drunk at her home daycare center (pictured) that he passed out and went ‘limp and pale’

The mother rushed her son to hospital where a doctor was able to smell alcohol on the boy’s breath, the Frederick News-Post reports.

Tests revealed the boy’s blood alcohol content was .203, roughly three times the drink-drive limit for an adult in Maryland.

Medics said the alcohol content was likely higher, and had come down before they were able to test him. The boy made a full recovery. 

Ott said she was the only person looking after the boy on the day in question, but denied giving him alcohol, saying that she wasn’t drinking.

Officers found several bottles of seltzer spiked with alcohol in the downstairs fridge, opposite the daycare, but Ott said it would be impossible for the boy to get hold of one and drink it without her knowing.

Her licence was suspended last year, and on December 29 she was charged with neglect of a minor and reckless endangerment.

Ott denies all of the charges against her, but has provided no alternative explanation of how the child became drunk.

Her attorney said: ‘Mrs. Ott ran a successful daycare facility in the Walkersville community for 18 years. 

‘She provided a safe environment in her own home, caring deeply for every child entrusted to her care. 

‘She has a whole community that stands with her. Mrs. Ott is completely innocent and has been cooperative from the start. 

‘Charging Mrs. Ott was wrong. We look forward to attacking this in court.’


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