Young man reveals how his boss fired him over a series of brutal text messages: ‘It’s the most unprofessional thing I have ever seen’

A young man endured ‘the least professional exchange’ of his life after he was shockingly fired from his job via a text message from his boss. 

Taking to Reddit to state his case the employee explained: ‘I’ve worked at this dive bar for two months, I’m a great employee, I was always early, I’ve never called in sick, and I make good tips’.

In the two months working at the bar the man said that his boss had never approached him to comment on his work or said he could improve in anyway.

Then he received a text from his employer letting him know that ‘as much as I was hoping, it’s just not the fit I was looking for’. 

‘I’ve taken you off and I will plan to fill those shifts for you’, his boss said.  

The awkward text messages the former employee received from his boss

The flabbergasted employee was then informed to ‘drop off your keys at your earliest convenience’.

The newly unemployed worker found no shortage of sympathy with one fellow Redditor saying, ‘my earliest convenience would be never’. 

‘He’s never getting those keys from me’, agreed someone else. 

An employer commenting on the post said, ‘this business is so unprofessional. I’ve always waited for someone to come in…to terminate. Never over text, and never without prior conversations of the offense and multiple attempts to correct it’. 

The former employee had never been or late or had a sick day (stock image)

The former employee had never been or late or had a sick day (stock image)

Some (incorrectly) argued that firing by text isn’t even legal.

Another redditor recounted her own cringe-worthy firing experience. 

She said, ‘my manager called a mandatory staff meeting, made everyone sit through the whole hour plus, then at the very end told everyone…if you weren’t on the new schedule you no longer worked there’.

‘But then she had an issue with the printer so we all awkwardly stood around for like 15 minutes to see if we still had jobs’, she hilariously related.

There was very little sympathy for the employer at the dive bar with one person exasperatedly asking, ‘who fires someone without getting the keys first’?