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Your Best Guide to Creating the Most Effective Posters for Your Business

Among the many different promotional materials in use today, posters have already cemented their place. A marketing poster, after all, can be a truly effective marketing tool, especially if you make it a point to do it properly and with your overall vision and goal in mind. Posters can definitely reach a broad audience as you can place them in public areas which get a lot of traffic and visibility. But if you are keen on producing the best marketing posters for your business, it’s essential to do it in the best possible way. Here, then, is your ideal guide to creating the most effective posters for your business.

  • Keep it clean

Before you create your poster design, think of (or do research on) an existing design which you think would suit your goal and objective. It’s best to determine all the different elements which you would like to include in your poster so viewers will be able to understand what you want to say and you can get your message across. Write down the key words and points you want to impart, but remember this as well: keep it clean. Too many thoughts and ideas can ‘kill’ your goal and objective for your poster, so it’s always a good idea to narrow it down to the bare essentials.

  • Limit the message and purpose

As already mentioned, it would be best if you could keep your poster as clean (and clear) as possible. And you can also enhance this by limiting its message and purpose. You want readers to know right away – with a simple glance – what you are trying to say, and not have them go through the effort of trying to decipher a riddle. Stay away from the temptation of promoting all your business has to offer; instead, stay on point and avoid adding irrelevant information which can divert from your poster’s overall message and purpose.

  • Encourage action

Your poster should also encourage your viewers and readers to take action. This ‘call to action’ can be enhanced with the proper words and phrases, such as ‘Enquire Now’ or ‘Contact us Today’. The point is to get people to take action and pique their interest in whatever products or services you are offering. Other key ‘action’ words you can use include go, visit, buy, and so on.

  • Choose the best graphics you can find

Now that you have determined what you want to say and what message you would like to impart, it’s time to choose your poster graphics. The graphics you use can add more relevance to your message, or it can go the opposite route and distract your audience or, even worse, make them confused. You can avoid this by choosing graphics which can complement your words and message, as confirmed by expert printers in Stockport like Harveyboard Print & Digital. If you are aiming to create a larger poster, make sure you have the best resolution of the graphics or images; the best would be photos saved at least with a minimum of about 300 pixels/inch. Don’t forget to choose the right colours as well – colours which can complement your brand and your poster’s message – but don’t go overboard with it, either. Two to three complementary and contrasting colours often work best. Good luck!

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