Your Isolation Boredom Busting Watch-list for Netflix

With the COVID-19 or Coronavirus out, most of us have locked ourselves up in our homes to avoid its spread, or just to avoid those TP looters. Now that every screen is blaring how many people are infected and just how serious the situation is getting, it is advised to keep your calm and try to keep yourself safe and healthy. What better way to do that than using that annual Netflix subscription to escape into the world of fantasy while being in your personal space.

Of course, things would’ve been much easier if there was Spectrum cable TV at your home. With an extensive channel lineup and HD quality TV channels, you wouldn’t even have needed anything else. However, if you are only about the trendy Netflixing life, there’s nothing that we can do, but help you improve your watch list.

Movies to Watch During Your Time at Home

Shawshank Redemption

Let’s start off with a classic; anybody who claims to be a movie buff, has seen this one. It is a film adaptation of one of Stephen King’s works and brought to life by some of the finest that Hollywood has to offer. The story centers around two inmates serving life in Shawshank prison. It’s definitely a slow burner, but its unwinding story of friendship and bonding of two unlikely lives gets in deep with your soft side and leaves a lasting impact.

Murder Mystery

Coming to the comic side, Murder mystery is one of the long line of Adam Sandler-Netflix titles, which delivers the entertainment it truly promises. All of us yearn for that classic Adam Sandler style comedy that instantly tickles the funny bone. Top that with a brilliant cast, a truly engaging mystery and a stellar complimentary performance by Jennifer Anniston as Sandler’s wife and you have 2 hours of a joyride that would keep you glued to the screen as you laugh.

The Irishman

One of the latest additions to the Netflix showcase, the Irishman is perfect for a long day of clear schedules. This movie is a classic example of ‘don’t judge a book, by its cover.’ Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, Jimmy Hoffa, and Al Pacino, a gangster movie setting, anyone would think of it as a reminiscent of the classic gangster movies of the ’80s. However, director, Martin Scorsese sweeps you off your feet with his slow but intriguing work.


This particular drama can be described as bizarre at best, but this is where the beauty of this story lies. It revolves around a girl and her genetically engineered giant guinea pig. Director Bong Joon Ho is known for his grounded approach of storytelling, which conveys an important moral message to the audience without sacrificing the entertainment perspective of the movie.


The entire Coronavirus shut down may have caused your brain to slow down. Nolan’s Inception is the perfect 10-mile hike for your brain if you are looking for a movie that’ll keep you thinking about it for weeks if not days. The story focuses on Leonardo Dicaprio as Mr. Cobb, an ‘extractor’ with the technology and skills to extract and implant information into a subject’s subconscious via dreams. It’s a thrill as Cobb and his colleagues pull off a suicide mission within their minds for an escapade of a lifetime while exploring the concept of inception. The best part is the ending that will literally leave your mind spinning.

The Dark Knight

Most of us love The Dark Knight for the antagonist, Heath Ledger who delivered a novel, satisfying and chilling take on the infamous Joker, for which he earned the Oscar. However, Aaron Eckhart’s Harvey Dent further perfects the experience of this super-hero tale. Nolan takes the very familiar characters from the DC universe and mixes them in a story that sets a very high bar for all the other super-hero movies out there.

The Shape of Water

Guillermo Del Toro’s Shape of water is not a typical love story; not because it lacks adversity or a happy ending, but because it doesn’t feature a man and woman but a woman and fish-man. This beautifully told, yet quiet story delivers a strong message that even in the face of the worst hardships love wins.

Uncut Gems

Most people wouldn’t believe when they are told that the best performance Adam Sandler has given, is in a drama. Netflix’s Uncut Gems is a true Gem in the sense that it tells a very basic story that is colorfully brought to life by Sandler’s performance. It has certainly brought him back in the spotlight as his character reminds us of how things can go awry for anyone at any time.


Bong Joon Ho strikes again with a brilliant visualization of Jacques Lob and Jean-Marc Rochette’s novel where the last of humanity survives on a train, which endlessly circumnavigates the earth. The movie is brutal yet mind-racking on how society works and what place do we have in it. What starts as a fictitious tale of vengeance and uprising, slowly unfolds into a window into our own economical and societal setup.

Spider-man: Into the Spider-Verse

Animated movies often find it hard to deliver a complete package. Spider-man: Into the Spider-Verse is not even that one in a million, rather one in all of the animated movies out there. It has everything that’ll make it end up on your re-watch list. A brilliant and fresh animation style, a thoroughly entertaining cast with awesome voice-acting, a soundtrack that’ll forever be in your playlist, outrageous yet thrilling action sequences and most importantly a story of coming of age, responsibility, and trust that’ll engrave your minds forever.

All Things Concluded

We are always on the lookout for good movies to watch and right now, with the online streaming platforms as your best friend, you can watch and re-watch your favorite movies as much as you like. Netflix is a bottomless chest with all sorts of options for you; use it to explore new movies and you’ll never be disappointed. That’s a promise!