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YouTube Tips: How to Find Good Background Songs for Videos

Are you trying to figure out how to find good background songs for videos? Read this article to learn the best tips for choosing music.

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YouTube videos become popular and trendy by being well-made and entertaining. But great production value, like the right background music, can be hard to find.

Choosing the right background song draws in your viewers, and the wrong one leaves you to internet obscurity.

Don’t worry, we’ve compiled a few tips to help you find good background songs for videos. Keep reading to learn more!

Determine What You Want Your Music to Do

Before you start choosing which kind of track to add to your video, you might first want to ask yourself the following questions. “What kind of video am I making?” and “What role will my music play in it?”

Knowing how to match your music with your video is key. For example, some kinds of music uplift the viewer, while some can make them feel detached. It’s all about understanding the mood of the video and finding the right track to match it.

Think about what’s going on in the video and what the overall tone is. Determining the mood of the video helps you find the song easier, as some music libraries let you search for music by moods.

You can also try narrowing down your options by genres. Whether you want it to be cinematic, corporate, or whatever suits your fancy, this will help you determine what will fit your video.

Use Music to Bookend Your Video

A good way to find the right track for a video and use it well is through bookends. A bookend is a small snippet of text or animation paired with music. You can use them to start and end your videos while being entertaining for your viewers.

You can even use them to separate and organize segments of the video. By doing this, the music you choose for your bookends help set the tone of the video. They also help your viewers tune in more, and focus on the content.

The music you choose for bookends will even help your videos become more recognizable. This helps set them apart from normal videos and establish your overall brand.

Know Your Audience

Knowing more about your audience’s age group and preferences can help you be more specific with your music choices for your videos. This guides your video’s tone and binds it cohesively.

Always check which genres click with specific demographics. If your viewers consist of professionals in the business world, for example, it’s best to keep your music in line with corporate tones. If your demographic is for a younger female audience, then you can use light pop genre music.

Consider the Pacing of Your Video

A common mistake when editing in the music of the video is not considering its pacing. You’ll want to choose something that follows the flow of your video and is consistent throughout its duration. You can even emphasize certain parts of the video by making use of starts and stops.

By doing this, you’re making a part of the video stand out. Do this only with the really important parts of the video, like a big reveal or an announcement. Remember, highlighting too many things can make them not stand out as much.

You can also do simple editing tricks like making the music slowly fade away at the ending to show the video is about to finish. Always remember to follow the speed and pacing of your video and match it with the track.

Where to Find Good Background Music

There are tons of sites where you can find a variety of music tracks to pick and use. When choosing good background songs for videos, however, there’s a hitch. You must know the different kinds of licensing available.

There are four types that you can find online: free, limited license, paid license, and rights-managed. The free tracks are any songs in the public domain, something with a creative commons license.

Limited and paid licenses are more commonly known as royalty-free songs.

Take note that these songs aren’t free. You can either pay once to use it unlimitedly or pay a small percentage every time it’s used. Rights managed songs are where you pay for a song based on how many views you get.

Now that you know the kinds of licensing, here’s a list of some of the best places to get music tracks.


The licensing with the songs on here are royalty-free. It’s got a great search feature and all the songs are well categorized. You’ll mostly find instrumentals and sound effects.

Comma Music

Comma Music is a great site to find professionally recorded, royalty-free songs. A lot of them feature remixes of classic songs too. If you sign up for a royalty free music subscription, you can download an unlimited number of times.

Audio Jungle

This is one of the best sites to find royalty-free music. The library is even organized into music packs and music kits. This makes it easier to find the right song to fit your video.

YouTube Audio Library

You don’t even have to leave YouTube to find royalty-free tracks to use. The platform has an extensive music library for you to download unique songs. YouTube also updates its library constantly so you should always come back to check newly available songs.

Free Music Archive

If you don’t have the budget but still want quality music tracks, look no further than Free Music Archive. Here you can look through different genres and musicians, but it easily becomes overwhelming to see the amount of music here.

CC Mixter

If you want to find new and undiscovered songs, CC Mixter is a good place to start. You’ll have to discuss the licensing with the artist online, but most of them should be free or royalty-free. Take some time with this platform and you may find some unique background songs to use.

Get Good Background Songs for Videos Today!

We hope that after reading this article, you have a better understanding of how to find good background songs for videos. Ultimately it all falls to how you want your video to turn out. Your videos by now should be pieces that are pleasant, not to watch, but to listen to.

There’s always more that you can learn about good music for videos but this is a great push in the right direction. If you enjoyed this guide and found it informative, go check out more of our content today for additional articles like this!


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