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YouTuber Suzy Lu blasts striking McDonald’s workers

Employees in Cambridge and Crayford, south-east London, walked out yesterday in a row over insecure hours and ‘inexplicably’ low pay, demanding wages of at least £10 an hour and an end to zero-hours contracts.

They protested outside the two stores from around 5am, while a larger, combined rally was held outside Parliament, where protesters were egged on by shadow chancellor John McDonnell.

Members of other trade unions joined early-morning picket lines outside the two restaurants, while Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn offered his backing.

The workers are calling for a wage of at least £10 an hour and more secure working hours.

Staff in Cambridge waved banners declaring the ‘McStrike’ and signs which read ‘McMeany’.

The fast-food chain – one of the biggest users of zero-hours contracts in Britain – has recently started offering workers the option of moving to fixed hours.

Staff are demanding a wage of at least £10 an hour, more secure working hours and union recognition, according to The Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union, one of Britain’s oldest trade unions.

McDonald’s crew members earn between £5.60 and £7.50 an hour, depending on age.

Crew members aged 18 and under earn around £4.50 an hour.

The national minimum wage for an adult over 25 is £7.50, aged 21 to 24 £7.05, aged 18 to 20 £5.60 and under 18 £4.05.

A union spokesman said: ‘It’s the first strike by McDonald’s workers in history.

‘Workers are demanding a £10 an hour minimum wage, union recognition, and for action on scrapping zero hours contracts, to be taken by McDonald’s.’