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Baby found with umbilical cord still attached in gym bag

  • Cleaning staff at Family Medical Clinic in Chamblee, Georgia called police around midnight on Wednesday when they found the baby boy
  • He was brought to a nearby hospital where he weighed in at 4.86lbs
  • Police say the bag was left outside of the clinic on Wednesday morning and was later brought inside but the baby wasn’t discovered
  • The ‘miracle baby’ just took his first bottle Thursday morning in the hospital 

A premature newborn was found in a blue canvas gym bag outside a medical clinic in Chamblee, Georgia on Wednesday.

The cleaning staff at Family Medical Clinic found the baby boy with his umbilical cord still attached in a blue canvass gym bag and called the police.

The baby weighed 4.86lbs and appeared not to be full term.

He was taken to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite for treatment and is considered to be a miracle child. 

‘We have been in contact with the hospital and the baby boy took his first bottle this morning and he is doing well,’ Lt. Jason Waasdorp told

A premature baby was found in a gym bag with his umbilical cord still attached at a Chamblee, Georgia, medical clinic on Wednesday

Staffat a Chamblee, Georgia, medical clinic on Wednesday

The bag had been left outside on Wednesday morning but was brought in by staff sometime during the day. The baby wasn’t discovered until around midnight by a cleaning crew

The bag was left outside the clinic early on Wednesday with the baby inside.

‘At some point during the day the bag was brought inside by staff members who thought the bag belonged to a patient,’ according to the police department’s Facebook page. 

Staff did not open the bag when they brought it in so the baby remained inside for the entire day without nourishment or attention.

Police reviewed surveillance footage and interviewed witnesses but have not yet determined who left the bag.

The Division of Family and Children Services took custody of the child. 



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