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American Express HACKED by third-party service provider that accessed customers’ credit card and personal information

 Names, account numbers and card expiration dates were accessed in the hack American Express told customers they are not liable for fraudulent charges READ MOR... read more

Women of all ages who receive hugs are more likely to be satisfied with their relationships, study shows

Women who receive more embraces are happier in relationships, says study By Roger Dobson Published: 00:10 GMT, 3 March 2024 | Updated: 00:17 GMT, 3 March 2024 ... read more

Elon Musk suing OpenAI and its chief executive Sam Altman

By City & Finance Reporter Updated: 21:50 GMT, 1 March 2024 Elon Musk is suing OpenAI and its chief executive Sam Altman for allegedly abandoning the compan... read more

Only people with high IQs can spot the odd letter in this brain teaser in under 13 seconds… do YOU see it?

By Nikki Main Science Reporter For Dailymail.Com Published: 15:39 GMT, 1 March 2024 | Updated: 15:41 GMT, 1 March 2024 A new brain teaser claims that only highl... read more

The Willy Wonka Experience opens in SimCity! Gamer recreates the failed immersive event in The Sims – as users joke ‘you probably spent more time making this than they put into the event’

By Shivali Best For Mailonline Published: 10:35 GMT, 1 March 2024 | Updated: 10:35 GMT, 1 March 2024 It hit international headlines this week after being dubbed... read more

Yahoo Mail is down: Email service crashes for millions of frustrated Britons

At 07:00 BST, around 2,000 issues had been logged on Down Detector  Yahoo said: ‘Some users may be experiencing issues with the Yahoo Mail app’  B... read more

Fish are shrinking due to climate change warming the oceans and damaging microorganisms, study reveals

By Colin Fernandez Environment Editor Published: 05:30 GMT, 28 February 2024 | Updated: 05:54 GMT, 28 February 2024 Fish are shrinking due to global warming, a ... read more

Energizer’s rugged smartphone has the ‘world’s biggest battery’ that lasts for a WEEK on a single charge – but it’s three times heavier than an iPhone!

Energizer’s Hard Case P28K is a brick-like device that weighs over half a kilogram It lets users sit on the phone talking for 122 hours straight before ru... read more

Thousands of Aussie companies reveal shocking gender pay gaps

By Maeve Bannister For Australian Associated Press Published: 20:06 GMT, 26 February 2024 | Updated: 21:11 GMT, 26 February 2024 The gender pay gaps at some of ... read more

Barbie’s iconic flip phone becomes a reality! HMD unveils a bright pink smartphone that will go on sale this summer

Human Mobile Devices (HMD) has joined forces with Mattel on a new phone The tech giant is remaining tight lipped about any features, including price By Shivali ... read more

Core blimey! Scientists discover how to squeeze even more nutrients from apples

New method retains more polyphenols which benefit the heart and the brain  By Daily Mail Reporter Published: 00:36 GMT, 26 February 2024 | Updated: 00:36 GMT, ... read more

Is it REALLY happy ever after? Singles are JUST as happy or even happier than married couples, researchers say

By Xantha Leatham Deputy Science Editor Published: 00:52 GMT, 24 February 2024 | Updated: 00:52 GMT, 24 February 2024 Marriage does not make people any happier ... read more

Apple sets the record straight on two popular hacks shared around by iPhone users for years

By Brett Lackey For Daily Mail Australia Published: 04:09 GMT, 23 February 2024 | Updated: 04:09 GMT, 23 February 2024 A popular method for removing water from ... read more

How to FIX your iPhone amid AT&T and other cell network outages that left millions of devices on SOS mode

Millions of iPhone users are unable to make calls due to devices being in SOS The issue stems from a nationwide outage plaguing AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile R... read more

iPhone users elated after finally discovering trick to silence spam texts forever

The Apple device’s Settings app offers a feature called ‘Filter Unknown Senders’ The simple switch separates known texters from strangers, sav... read more

Optical illusion reveals whether you’re set for incredible good luck – or have to ‘bravely persevere’ through a difficult year

By Kelsi Karruli For Dailymail.Com Published: 11:17 GMT, 21 February 2024 | Updated: 12:41 GMT, 21 February 2024 An optical illusion can reveal if the ‘un... read more

Scientists reveal how stingray became pregnant in aquarium despite not sharing a tank with a male of her species for at least eight years

By Daily Mail Reporter Published: 02:15 GMT, 15 February 2024 | Updated: 02:56 GMT, 15 February 2024 A stingray in the United States is pregnant – despite... read more

Would you try the latest ‘Frankenfood’? Scientists grow beef inside rice grains to create an all-in-one ready meal

Scientists have grown meat cells inside rice to create an all-in-one ready meal They claim the ‘Frankenfood’ is affordable, tasty and environmentall... read more

Facebook is DOWN: Meta website crashes for thousands of people around the world

Problems started at around 12:00 GMT, and are affecting users across UK and US MailOnline tried to access the site, and found that it would not load on desktop... read more

The ultimate guide to dating apps this Valentine’s Day: Interactive chart reveals the most popular platforms among Gen Z, Millennials and Silver Foxes – so, are you on the same one as your peers?

Ofcom has revealed the most popular apps among different age groups in Britain Our interactive tool to find out where your peers are looking for love By Shival... read more

The ‘coupley’ thing we should all be doing more of to boost our mental health, according to experts

Holding hands with someone you trust has a positive impact on stress response Physical touch kickstarts oxytocin production to foster sense of social bonding RE... read more

Jupiter and the moon will ‘kiss’ on Valentine’s Day… here is how YOU can see it

A crescent moon and Jupiter will ‘kiss’ in the sky on Valentine’s Day  The pair will be visible about one hour after sunset worldwide READ MO... read more

Spring is on the way, but is it too early to start planting? Gardening experts reveal key date you need to know

By Zeenia Naqvee Published: 10:03 GMT, 13 February 2024 | Updated: 11:24 GMT, 13 February 2024 Crocuses are blooming and there’s a stretch in the evenings... read more

The ultimate wingman! Partially blind penguin makes ‘guide-bird’ friend who helps her find food

Partially blind penguin named Squid relies on her pal, Penguin, to guide her Squid has cataracts and struggles to see, but is rarely far away from Penguin By Me... read more