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Perth homeowner shocked by neighbour’s nasty lawn letter

  • Ballajura homeowner Luke branded a ‘filthy pig’ by anonymous letter writer 
  • Writer furious about lawn condition told Luke ‘you are obviously not a gardener’
  • Unknown communicator said he pr eferred previous occupants of the property 
  • Luke admits he has been preoccupied with other events going on in his life

A homeowner in Perth has been slammed a ‘filthy pig’ in an anonymous letter because of the state of his garden.

Ballajura resident and service technican Luke discovered the note in his letterbox after work on Wednesday afternoon.

It starts: ‘To the Occupier. Let me just start by saying that each morning when I drive out of [street name], I face your property and you are obviously not a gardener.

Luke was slammed a ‘filthy pig’ in an anonymous letter (pictured) over the state of his garden

‘Your property is a disgrace and you should be ashamed. The people who had the property before you had that garden looking immaculate. Haven’t you got any self pride. I can only imagine what the interior of the house is like.

‘You are an embarrassment to your neighbourhood. You are obviously renting as an owner would conduct regular upkeep of their property. What a filthy pig!!’

Luke told WA Today that he was ‘shocked’ to read the nasty letter, and his front lawn wasn’t a top priority in his life.

‘[My girlfriend’s] dad passed away around three months ago.

‘So… up until about three months ago, I’ve been up and down to Bunbury helping out so she can spend more time with her family and her dad making memories.

‘There are other houses around that are in a worse state, and obviously they don’t know is the back story of what I’ve been doing. I’m one person. I work full time. I head down [to Bunbury] on Friday nights straight after work and come back on a Sunday. 

Luke told the paper he ‘worked his arse off’ to own his house, and won’t be replying to the letter.

‘I don’t want them to get the satisfaction,’ he said. ‘The sun shines every day, it’s all good.’ 


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