10 benefits of keeping yourself hydrated in summer

Proper hydration during the summer months is highly recommended by doctors and health experts. You can get dehydrated quicker during the summer when the weather heats even when you feel you are drinking enough water.  The state of dehydration happens when your body loses more fluid than it is taking in. Therefore, making it a habit to drink CleanerSofterWater will not only keep you hydrated but it will come with several benefits as shared below;

Regulates body temperature

One of the most important things about drinking enough water is that it helps in controlling your body temperature which is very crucial in summer. When your body overheats, it releases that heat through sweating and as a result, your body loses water. Therefore, you need to hydrate yourself properly so that it replaces the lost water. Drinking enough water will stop you from feeling faint even when the weather is extremely hot.

Improves digestion

The nutrients require fluid to pass through the intestinal tract. If you become dehydrated, this will cause constipation. If it continues, additional digestion issues may also manifest themselves. When you drink enough water, you help your body remove bodily waste through urination and defecation.

Better immune system

You do not want to feel sick during summer when the weather is allowing you to do different enjoyable activities outdoor. Keeping yourself hydrated is a great way to fight against illnesses and diseases. It can also prevent discomforts such as joint pains, tiredness, headaches, muscle weakness and give you an opportunity to enjoy summer months.

Reduces fatigue

Hot weather may cause your body to experience fatigue especially if you do not drink enough water. One of the most important sources of energy in your body is water. It helps the cells to complete crucial enzymatic activities which in return contributes to the restoration of bodily systems and production of ample energy to make you stay active throughout the day.

Glowing skin

Maintaining a younger healthy looking skin when exposed to sun, hot temperatures, and high winds is not possible if you are not well hydrated. Dehydrated skin loses its elasticity. To keep your skin soft and glowing, ensure you stay hydrated during summer.

Mental clarity

Sometimes, when you constantly get exposed to heat, you will experience some hard time to make clear decisions and think. Enough water can change that scenario. When you keep yourself hydrated, it improves the blood and oxygen flow. This results to clear thoughts and mental focus.

Prevents dry mouth

A dry mouth can really give you an uncomfortable experience and it even gets worse during summer. Adequate hydration will keep your throat, lips, and mouth moist, especially during your sleep. More so, proper hydration is also helpful when eating. It breaks the food down by saliva which comprises water. Long-term dry mouth may lead to bad breath.

Muscle efficiency

Dehydration will make you experience muscle fatigue. You can avoid it by drinking enough water since adequate fluids help in lubrication of the joints. Water also transports oxygen to the working muscles and helps in removing metabolic waste.

Cardiovascular health

Dehydration could lower the blood volume in your body. In such situations, it forces the heart to work even harder to circulate the blood and oxygen in all parts of the body. As a result, your body experiences challenges to do simple daily tasks such as walking and climbing upstairs. To avoid feeling fatigued during hot temperatures, make sure you stay hydrated.

Helps to flush out toxins

When you hydrate your body, you help it get rid of toxins through sweat and urination. In hot temperatures, you lose more water and so you have to ensure you replace it to protect yourself from urinary tract infections and kidney stones. Although the body can naturally detoxify through its lungs, liver, and kidneys, sometimes it receives too many toxins to handle. In that case, water is the only fluid that can help the body flush out those toxins.

Our body is roughly 60% water, and this makes it more important to keep yourself hydrated. However, in today’s stressful environment and busy lifestyle, we forget to drink enough water which leads to the above-discussed issues. To overcome this situation, keep a water bottle with you that could be helpful in reminding you to keep on drinking as some studies show that we drink water more often when we see it.