10 Carbon Fiber Products below 30 USD That You Need to Check Out

If you are looking for a new project to start or initiating your own startup, making goods out of carbon fiber sheets is an interesting way of doing so. You do not need to be an engineer or industrial designer for carbon fiber fabrication, just a little practice. Using carbon fiber veneer is not limited to aviation and defense sectors anymore. You can now have easy access to the material and start shaping your own products.

Given the versatility of carbon fiber composites, they can be used in the production of many products. With its low density and lightweight, it can be easily used in making everyday use things such as phone covers, coasters, and even business cards. Its aesthetic properties make it appealing to the eye, and a good material to choose.

If you are looking for carbon fiber products that you can make or buy, here is a list that you need to check out. We have kept the list of products below 30 US dollars so that you do not feel bad for spending money on things you do not necessarily need but would be inclined to buy just because they are made of aesthetic-looking carbon fiber panels.

Laptop Cases

Laptop cases made of carbon fiber are growing tremendously popular, especially among gamers. Laptop skins provide protection to your precious gadget, making sure that there are no scratches or dents on the laptop. Laptop cases made from carbon fiber composites will not only protect your laptop but provide a neat finish and anesthetic, professional look. You can even customize your laptop skin by color and design.

Car Dashboards

Give your vehicle an upgrade by switching up the dashboard from basic plastic to carbon fiber. Carbon Fiber Fabrication provides a luxury look to your old-school car, making all your friends wonder that you spent a fortune on it. Additions of carbon fiber panels will give your car an elegant look and give you the upgrade you had been looking for, at a low cost.


Give your office table a touch of elegance with a thick carbon fiber sheets nameplate, sitting nicely on your desk. Engraving your name and title on a simple carbon fiber nameplate will go extremely well with minimal office furniture. You can even step up the game and replace all the boring nameplates in the building with ones made of carbon fiber. For example, signs for the washrooms or room numbers or exits can be made of carbon fiber.

Business Cards

Why should you stop at nameplates when you can go all the way? Being lightweight allows carbon fiber sheets to be used for almost everything. Carbon fiber can give a nice finish to the card, with name and titles UV printed on them. Carbon fiber business cards would help you make a good mark. These are made from 1mm thick sheets, which are glossed on both sides. Your business card makes an impression on the other person, and that should be a nice one.

Kitchen Finish

You can bring carbon fiber to your house as well. Replace your typical Lacobel glass with a carbon fiber float. Lacobel float is installed on the kitchen walls above countertops, but it can be upgraded using carbon fiber veneer, which would really compliment your kitchen if the interior were black and white.


If it is not your cup of tea, you do not have to add major changes to your house like kitchen finishes. You can add small organizers made of carbon fiber sheets. For example, a small key organizer will add a nice touch to your wall. Or a shoe organizer made of carbon fiber can not only stand the weight of everyone’s shoes but also look pretty while doing it.


You can DIY your coasters to present to guests when they come. Being simple and elegant, carbon fiber coasters can complement any furniture and mugs. Moreover, you can even gift them to friends or colleagues on small occasions. They are simple to make, just cut the carbon fiber sheet into a square and refine the edges with sandpaper, and there you go.

Key Rings

Another simple giftable thing that you can easily make from carbon fiber sheets is a key ring. It is very simple to make, and you can make multiple of them to sell. Customized and personalized key chains are a great way to say, ‘here is a gift for you that will always make you think of me.’ Start by preparing a carbon fiber sheet of 3mm thickness and cut it into the shape you wish to have. Next, you will need to drill a hole to hand the key, and lastly, coat it with spray or clear varnish for finishing.


You can make your own little wallet with carbon fiber sheets. Carbon fiber’s versatility allows us to use it in aerospace as well as everyday things, which is why it has been a favorite of most manufacturers for the past 50 years. A tiny carbon fiber wallet would slip right into your pocket and hold two0three of your important cards and some cash.

You can either make the wallet for yourself or get it made by a CNC specialist. What’s more, is that you can also have it customized according to your liking and even get your name printed on it.

Upgrade Your Guitar

While you can easily impress anyone by playing good music, with a good, customized guitar that stands out, you would not even need to play the guitar. You can use carbon fiber parts to give your instrument and tasteful makeover. You can add details with just 0,5mm thick sheets of carbon fiber and stick it with an adhesive such as super glue.

You can even add details like adding your band’s name or logo to the guitar with carbon fiber. This might be hard to do on your own and you might need to get it done by experts, though it does not cost much and can easily improve the look of your instruments at a low place.

There are a number of products that make use of carbon fiber because of its many useful qualities, such as, durability, strength, low density, electric conductivity, etc. With innovation, scientists have managed to expand the use of carbon fiber veneer to everyday practical objects, instead of just manufacturing aerospace or sports goods.

Since it is extremely easy to use and mold, DIY kits are available in the market which allows people to experiment with carbon fiber and make their own tiny products. These kits provide different types of carbon fiber, which comes in numerous forms such as in a cloth, tube, solid sheet, or thread. All you need is to get one of those kits and some motivation to hand-make gifts for all your friends this holiday season.