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When you first listen the name of a well-known brand, there’s something that you remember in your mind is the company’s logo. The color combinations used in the logo also work like the famous advertisement or slogan of the company to make them remember on someone’s mind. Popular brands make the best logo using the color combinations because nowadays, Brands use the logo to express who they are.

Before anybody even takes a closer look at the logo or hears the name of your company, they’ll know who you are and what you do all based on your logo, and it’s the color combination. To keep your logo memorable and straightforward, you must use the best color combination while making a logo.

We’ve collected 10 of the best color combinations to inspire your next logo design. We hope you will like it!

  1. Purple and Pink

The perfect example of a picture speaks itself; I think it also because of color combination too. Top in our list of 10 of the best color combinations to inspire your next logo design. Purple and Pink combination makes a perfect eye-catchy logo.

Emotion, playfulness, hope, and energy covered in one! The glowing pink color in the logo adds a glow of power, while the purple acts as a perfect match to Pink. This type of color combination is mainly seen in enterprises such as Lifestyle, beauty, and travel.

  1. Red and Yellow

This bright color mixture instantly attracts your eye to the middle of the logo. The energetic red and unique layout of the business title rises upon the light shade of yellow color, generates a feeling of strength.

  1. Yellow and Black

I mentioned above that the use of bright yellow draws full of strength and happiness. The add-on of the shade of grey color on it, almost like black shade, represents the air of magic and romance. That’s why this type of color combination is famous in the entertainment types of the niche (like nightclubs, theaters, etc.),

  1. Green and Blue

Blue and green colors are usually linked together and represent peace; also, electric blue and lime green emit strength and youthfulness. This type of bright combination of Green and Blue color acts primarily to fit in the industries of style, media, and television (cinema, dramas) industries.

  1. Yellow, Red, and Navy

It’s not necessary to use just a two-color combination; you can also try three colors combination to design a beautiful custom logo. The deep red in the logo along with the cheery yellow and regal Navy, emitting energy and courage. You can try practicing a color combination like this for fun and enjoyment or Fast food business.

  1. Orange and Purple

Unusual color sequences can be unsafe, but when they work, they work extraordinary! This type of combination of warm peach and eggplant purple color is both beautiful and different. You can consider this type of color combination for the logo of Lifestyle, fashion, or for home improvement and furnishing brands.

  1. Purple and Yellow

Need a logo full of reason and understanding? Use a bright and exciting yellow color with a vibrant purple to spark a sense of new and different creativity. This model of logo color sequence is recommended for education, travel, and Hotel industries.

  1. Turquoise and Blue

If it is knowledge, trust, and support that you’re gaining after, for your logo design, try mixing turquoise and blue color. These two colors are from the same color family but are diverse to create a stunning pair, with the moderately used turquoise.

  1. Red and Black

This type of logo color combination commands and inspires a feeling of strength and spirit. The bright red color draws the eye directly to the name of the business, while the black gives a perfect pair as a background color.

  1. Pink and Blue

A dainty pink joined with either navy blue, or blue color only gives off a happy and honest feeling. The Navy rises against a bright background, producing a lovely contrast. Think about these kinds of pairing for a logo if you’re in the matrimony, cosmetics and beauty, industries.


Either use our above mentioned best color combinations to inspire your next logo design or think yourself the best one suitable for your business.

But don’t forget that the color represents a huge role in our daily life. Remember this when designing a logo of your company — the color combination you use reveals who you are and what you do. If you need any sort of inspiration you can visit platforms like PrintShop dotted with zillions of design options. Explore such platforms and see how professional designers have combined various colors.

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