10 Gifts For The Holidays

Every year the holidays bring with them the hunt for the perfect Christmas gift. But, there is not anyone specific gift that will be perfect for everyone. Each individual has such varying circumstances and ideals that it is impossible to label something as the perfect gift.

It truly is the thought behind the gift that really matters. So, all you have to do is make sure to consider the person, and you can be assured to hear “It’s perfect!”. But, it never hurts to have a few ideas, so here are ten unorthodox gift ideas that may help point you in the right direction.


Socks are one of the most feared gifts by kids, yet also something that everyone uses. Therefore, it is actually a good gift that adults will appreciate and see the usefulness of. But, you can fully expect a grimace from a kid receiving socks instead of toys.


Undergarments are another gift that will normally go over well with an adult recipient and pretty well the opposite with a younger one. They either require you to find out the correct size, or there is also the option of having them exchanged afterwards for the correct size.

A Tank Of Gas

If you drive a vehicle, you know how much a tank of gas can mean. It isn’t an extremely expensive gift, but it is one that is guaranteed to be appreciated.

Emergency Bulbs

In the event of a power outage, being in the dark creates a long list of potential hazards. So an emergency bulb, like one from Boundery, can ensure that the recipient will have at least some light to be able to see.


Whether you own or rent the place you live, a basic set of hand tools is always a great thing to have around. This makes them an excellent idea for a gift, as they can come in handy in a tight spot.

Gag Gifts

This covers a wide variety of different items, all with one goal in mind; give the recipient a good laugh. Maybe they just turned 40 and you get them some adult diapers, or they just graduate and you get them a “Move Out”, the goal is simply to bring them some joy in laughter.

A “Night Out”

Whether it be you taking someone you care about out for dinner or drinks, or maybe you just watch kids for someone while they enjoy a much-needed break, the fact that you care enough to help them have a good night they otherwise couldn’t have is a gift that shows you truly care.


Though it may sound like a weird idea for a gift, think back on all the times you may have needed batteries for something and didn’t have them; especially during the holidays when kids get new toys, all requiring them. During major gifting seasons, you can feel certain that batteries will be appreciated.

Gift Cards

If you just can’t decide on what to get someone, there is always the option of a gift card. Some will say they are too impersonal, but it says that you care enough to want to get them a gift without having to worry about getting the wrong thing. Gift cards spend just like cash wherever they are from.


Speaking of cash, we’ll wrap the list up with the one gift with limitless possibility. Also seen by some as an impersonal or thoughtless gift, I believe it is actually a great gift. It is the one thing that literally everyone needs, and I have never once seen anyone unhappy to receive it.

These are just a few suggestions for different things you could get as a gift, but always remember; it isn’t really the gift that matters, it is the thought and care behind it.