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10 Helpful Platforms for Part-Time Working Students

Combining college and part-time work requires time management skills and finding a balance. It is a great way to earn some money and be successful in your studies if you do it right. And it can also add important employment experience that will help after graduation.

We’ve gathered the best platforms that help to balance these two parts. Some of them help with studies, others offer an opportunity to find amazing job and internship opportunities.

MyHomework Planner

It is a great tool to keep tabs on all deadlines and assignments. And having a time management platform is a necessity for busy students. It helps to set reminders to start working on a project or to do something important.

It is pretty easy to use and offers great organizational potential. And you can add to-do lists with different tasks and steps to complete something. Just do not forget to put all assignments on the calendar as soon as you get them.


This is a perfect platform for those who do not have time for all of their assignments. The service offers professional essay editing with all types of writing; here one can edit an essay, order proofreading, or even ask to edit a term paper.

The best part is that the site provides reasonable prices, which is an important factor. And the quality of work is amazing, you can check essay writing services reviews on to have a second opinion on that.

This is a useful platform to make sure that all your studies go well and you receive the best grades even if you need to focus on something else at the moment.


It is an outstanding platform for audiobooks with 30 days of a free trial. Audiobooks are much more flexible than the printed copies in terms of where you can listen to them.

Choosing to listen rather than read can save you a lot of time. For example, you can spend commuting or traffic time listening to something related to your degree.

There is a great selection of books of all types and genres on this website. Students can pick from thousands of titles, whether it is a reading for college or your favorite fiction writer, like Dan Chaon, for example. One can gain knowledge while working out, walking, or doing chores.

If you are looking for a part-time job related to your degree, getting an internship might be a valuable option. This website does exactly what the name suggests.

One can check out all the available internships, both paid for and free. There might be something suitable both for your area of expertise and location. In any case, it is good to keep yourself updated with the offers.


For those who are interested in seasonal employment, this one is the most useful platform. It is free to register and use and mostly offers seasonal positions in the hospitality or travel industry.

There might be some all-year options, but they are rather rare. One can get a job at a national park, rancho, or hotel. The salary rates usually are between $12 and $16 per hour.

Google Drive

By far this is the best free option to keep all your documents and study materials in one place. Now there is no chance you’ll lose something, whether it is a poetry analysis essay, your resume, or a research paper.

The main benefit is that everything is kept in one place, it is available from any device or location, and it is saved on the cloud. So you can access your notes while on transport or lunch break without any hassle.


This website is helpful in terms of budgeting. One can take advantage of the student life and all the discounts available in this period. Here one can find different sales and great offers to save up some money. There are many types of products offered, from textbooks to technology. And there are also some travel discounts.


If you want to have a better grip on your budget, this tool is what you are looking for. It is free to use and helps with understanding what you spent money on.

The categorization of expenses helps to be more aware of the buyer’s habits and plan out finances better. And it is something everyone needs to learn.

Buying a cup of coffee might not seem a huge deal at a moment, but when you see how much you spend on it per month, the sum can be pretty scary.

Google Scholar

This is a search engine designed specifically for students and researchers. It shows only academic results, including books, and peer-reviewed articles.

It saves a lot of time when you are researching something and looking only for credible and valid sources. And there is an opportunity to form a citation right on the search page for any source you choose in MLA, APA, or Chicago.


EdX is a digital learning platform from Harvard and MIT. There are lots of programs and courses in almost all fields of study. They are offered by university professors and give incredible insight and practical skills.

Some of them are available for free, some are paid for. Many courses have certification available to add to your qualifications. Overall, it is one of the best online learning platforms with university-level programs and credentials.

In Summary

It might seem a bit overwhelming to study and work at the same time. But with a wise approach and proper time management, it is a great opportunity.

One can be more independent financially and get new skills as well as real-life work experience and stay a successful student at the same time.