10 Things to Consider Before Buying CBD

CBD oil and other products are gaining huge popularity because of their natural and reputable benefits in treating illnesses like anxiety, depression, chronic pain, etc. However, such popularity doesn’t mean that every CBD product is the same and possesses the same benefits.

As the products are getting attention, there are some companies in the black market that have been actively selling bad followed CBD products that followed cheap extraction procedures at the time of the manufacture.

As a result, those cheap products fail 3rd party lab tests and even harmful additives can be found in them. It doesn’t require mentioning that those products cannot give the same benefit that a good quality CBD oil can provide.

Now the question is how can you understand which CBD products are of high quality and which are not. Here in this article, you will get to know about what are the things that you should consider before buying CBD oil and other CBD products.

Approval from 3rd Party Labs

The first and foremost thing to consider is if the products are being tested. As there are no regulations for verifying the purity of the CBD oil, responsible companies take the initiative to do the lab test via 3rd party labs. Those labs test what substances are present in that particular product and even they also test the percentage of CBD present in that oil.

Cheap quality CBD products might have pesticides, heavy metals, Dilutors, mold, etc., that can harm your health.

Now you might ask how you can know if the CBD oil is tested or not. Companies that test their products will always display the lab reports on their websites like 24high. So, when you see a lab test report, you can be sure that the product is pure.

Percentage of THC

The legal CBD products should contain less or equal to 0.3% of THC. As these are getting used for medical purposes, they cannot contain more percentage of THC. If the product has more than 0.3% THC, then it will be considered an illegal CBD item.

You can see the percentage of THC in the lab test reports.

The Source of CBD & The Hemp Cultivation

You can expect to get pure CBD when the hemp is of good quality. That’s why it is important to know from which source the CBD is coming.

Generally, people miss this kind of information because, for other items, the companies are bound to follow the regulatory standard. However, for CBD, there are no such regulations. For the same reason, dishonest business people do not consider getting the best hemp for their products.

So it is necessary to check on the information of the CBD oil where it will be clearly indicated how and where the hemp in that CBD item is grown. If the company is loyal, then there will not be any hesitance in proving that they have not lied on their website about their products.

The Extraction Procedure

There are different types of extraction procedures associated with CBD products. However, as of now, CO2 extraction is considered one of the best and safest methods. In this method, pressurized carbon dioxide gets used to extract cannabinoids from hemp or marijuana plant.

This method is considered safe because as CO2 is a solvent, it acts differently in various pressure ranges and temperatures without leaving any toxic elements in the required product. If the CBD company uses CO2 extraction, then it will be definitely mentioned in their lab reports.

Fair Price

You need to research a bit to know if you are buying CBD products by paying more or less than the fair market price.

There are some major things that are associated with the price tag of CBD items, such as the cost of the extraction process, distribution, and packaging. However, there are some companies that might take advantage of their reputation and popularity and charge more than the competitive and fair price of CBD.

On the other hand, some companies too intentionally set the product price extremely low for more sales.

However, both companies are not doing the right thing. Selling overly cheap products means the product’s cultivation, extraction, manufacturing, and packaging are not right. That’s why you need to check a few CBD companies and judge their pricing to make the correct decision.

Reputable or Not

You need to check if the CBD company from which you can buy the required products is reputable or not; here’s how you can do that:

  • Check the website of the company and make an informed decision by looking at it.
  • Check if the lab test results are easily accessible on that website.
  • Check the customer reviews. If there are some serious accusations, the company is definitely not recommended to buy CBD oil or other items.
  • Is the company active on social media handles like Facebook, Instagram, etc.? A reputable company will undoubtedly have some internet presence to ensure its popularity.