11-year-old girls pen poem for firefighters who will miss Christmas

It’s Christmas in Australia and we’re ready for the heat.

It’s backyard cricket and swimming pools and it really can’t be beat.

But this year feels a bit different. I’m only 11 yet I know, 

Our country is on fire and this drought? It just won’t go.

There’s smoke and ash and burning leaves that cover our Aussie sky.

Our wildlife, bush and property, incinerating before our eyes.

Our farmers are losing their cattle, our country businesses going broke.

Yet our Aussie spirit of helping another, has not gone up in smoke

We’re not in a movie, a book or TV, not a bat phone or signal in sight.

But a bonded group of heroes we have, on the fire front they fight.

No super speed, no flash costume, no cape attached on their back.

Just kilograms of equipment, a truck and a will that knows no slack.

It’s yellow suits and helmets, it’s dragging a heavy hose.

It’s facing a wall of fire, guessing which way the wind might blow. 

They have a heart that pumps for this country, a strength that’s rarely seen.

It’s a selfless act to put your life on the line, as we’ve all seen.

They won’t be home for Christmas, They won’t get the family feed.

No break, no rest, no knock-off time, They won’t leave til they succeed.

They will fight to save OUR Christmas, Our homes, our lives our land.

While losing their own properties, they continue to take a stand

These heroes that I mention, the ones that fight for us,

They’re our NSW Fire and Rescue and the volunteer RFS.

So this Christmas please remember, While we are in celebration.

To maybe pop in and say thank you, to the heroes at your local fire station.

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