12 mind-blowing hacks about using THC oil

There is no debate regarding the benefits of cannabis in an individual life. As a result, you may become more creative, productive, and happier. Every marijuana enthusiast knows that there are always problems with new weed technologies.

You could be interested in the items offered as more states legalize marijuana use for medical and recreational purposes. Tetrahydrocannabinol oil vaping is becoming more and more well-liked.

There are many possible health advantages to marijuana. One of the active ingredients in cannabis is THC. After using cannabis, this substance causes a high. It is possible to get high and benefit from THC oil with a high concentration.

Ongoing studies are looking into how marijuana can improve the quality of life.

What Exactly Is THC Oil?

A concentrated version of cannabis is called THC oil, derived from the marijuana plant. Cannabidiol, the compound responsible for most of the effects of smoking cannabis, is found in the form of an oil called cannabidiol.

THC oil is an extract or a concentration. It means that some solvent is used to wash the cannabis plant material. THC, CBD, CBN, and other cannabinoids dissolve after being soaked in a solvent. Carbon dioxide, butane, and isopropyl alcohol are examples of solvents.

The solvent is removed by boiling it off, and what is left is an oily product that contains concentrated cannabinoids. Cannabis strains with high THC content are subjected to an extraction procedure, producing a highly full THC oil.

Tips to use THC benefits like a pro

These cannabis life hacks will make surviving much more accessible, enjoyable, and convenient without these helpful tips.

Using a Vaporizer – Vaping is a better way to get high than smoking joints or blunts. Vaporizers allow you to enjoy the full flavor of your marijuana while preventing burnout. Vapes also offer temperature control, which makes it possible to get big clouds and soft hits.

In a portable vape kit, you can use a vaporizer discreetly while out in public without worrying about lighters or papers. Many of these kits even resemble e-cigarettes.

Use recycled stems – Do not discard the remaining stems. They are helpful and can be used to create some quite delicious THC teas. Be sure to thoroughly grind the branches before adding them to your tea pot with your loose-leaf tea and cooking for 5 to 10 minutes.

You will also need any tea you want to boil and roughly 1/4 of a cup.

Take a Mint – The munchies are enjoyable to indulge in occasionally, but if you smoke marijuana frequently, they could become a problem. The next time you smoke, consider eating a stick of mint gum or sipping on peppermint to avoid eating a whole sleeve of Oreos.

Mint can also help with sinus headaches and bad breath.

Money-saving bong cleaning techniques – Store-bought bong cleaners can be costly and inconvenient as they often involve flammable substances, bulkiness, or flammability.

A vinegar or highly concentrated food-safe alcohol solution mixed with salt will clean your bong for a small amount of money.

It is a simple procedure. Fill the bong with isopropyl alcohol and sea salt or Epsom salt. Once you shake it, the ash will be clean in no time. You may also use it to clean pipes if you put everything in a plastic bag and then shake it. It’s economical and simple to make.

Anything can serve as a rolling tray – Many folks have rolling trays at home, but they are not the most portable item to take with you, so it’s helpful to know that other things can perform just as well in an emergency.

While using your rolling abilities, you can keep your grind contained with a magazine, book, small baking pan, or Tupperware lid.

Use a nail cleanser with a cotton swab – The struggle to maintain a clean nail is true for dabbers, but if it were not for them, you would not see as many YouTubers with perfect nails despite frequent use.

It is where the hack comes in handy, as it only takes a fast swipe of a cotton ball or a brush between each hit for the nail to emerge clean, picture-perfect, and prepared for the next dab.

Plan each session efficiently – If you properly arrange your day, it is simple to meet your nutritional needs without consuming more calories. Most of the time, eating cannabis does not make you feel full, allowing you to eat normally without gaining weight.

Use music to amplify the high – Make an upbeat playlist including all your favorite tunes so you can kick back, relax, and enjoy while the buzz takes hold.

Add A Sploof – These gadgets get made to capture smoke and odor, allowing you to smoke wherever you are in your home. If you want to smoke indoors and your roommates or neighbors dislike the aroma of marijuana, this could be an issue.

A sploof is the best option if you still want to enjoy your joints but don’t want to switch to a vaporizer. All you must do is ensure the smoke is discharging through the sploof.

Clean up a spilled weed by using a vacuum hose and a sock – An excellent quantity of marijuana can occasionally be ground up and spilled all over the floor. Vacuum the dropped cannabis after wrapping a clean white or black sock around a vacuum hose.

Exercise after vaping – Exercises like hiking and swimming become even more enjoyable, but if you want to keep your mood up, stick to Sativa strains. Yoga is also quite lovely while high.

Consume foods with cannabinoid receptors – You probably had no idea that some foods had cannabinoid receptors. Before smoking cannabis, consume some of these things for a better high: almonds, black and green tea, and even mangos.


There are many ways to increase the potency of marijuana; we have even heard of people who add supplements to the plant to help it remain in the vegetative stage for a long time.