20 Most Amazing Websites to keep you entertained, forever!

The world is full of interesting content and popular tv shows (check: Spectrum TV for great cable deals) that keep you entertained 24/7. There are numerous websites available on the internet that you can visit for fun activities. However, you need to have a fast and active internet connection in order to stay connected to the world and to visit these websites.

Here are 20 websites that you might not have seen before:

  1. Mental Floss

This is a website that contains in-depth knowledge about the events that occurred in the past and in the present time as well. So, if you love reading articles about historical things then this is the site for you. You will be amazed by the content that you will find on this site as it is full of stories that will fascinate you to a very large extent.

  1. Little Academy

Little Academy is a game where you combine different elements of the universe to make a new substance. This is quite an interesting game because you can literally combine any element known to mankind with anything. For example; when you combine fire with earth, you create lava. You can create more than 550 elements on this website and you can probably invent new animals and birds as well by brainstorming with your fellow colleagues.

  1. A Good Movie To Watch

This is an entertainment website where you can find thousands of movies. People are often confused as to which movie they should watch in their free time. However, this website has made significant improvements to make the interface user-friendly and all the movies are now categorized according to their genre. People can also watch a movie according to their mood, for instance; if you are feeling low, you can watch a comedy film to amuse themselves. One of the factors that contribute towards making this website a popular movie streaming site is the fact that it contains movies that are splendid to watch but could not make it to the limelight at the box office.

  1. MUBI

MUBI is another movie streaming website where you can find movies according to your interests and preference. This particular website presents you with 30 movies and it consistently adds new movies that you might want to watch by removing the ones in which you are not interested.

  1. The Moth

This website provides you with different stories that occurred in the lives of people from all over the globe. So, if you are interested in listening to real life experiences and stories then this is the site for you. The website has a podcast that allows stories to be shared with the rest of the world and the stories are worth listening to.

  1. XKCD

In this particular website, you will find comics of different genres like language, romance, and mathematics. If you love spending time reading romantic comics then this is the site for you. Mathematicians will also enjoy the content of this website as it contains good problem-solving techniques as well.

  1. Odd 1s Out

Another comic website where you will find different content that might amuse you. This website contains comics that are usually based on daily life experiences with a lot of comedy. The website owns a YouTube channel as well.

  1. Bored Panda

Bored Panda is a website that contains everything that is funny and is trending on the internet. So, if you missed something funny on social media, you might find it on Bored Panda. The website is full of funny pictures and interesting articles that you can read in your free time. You can also educate yourself by reading informative articles on this site, for example; facts that you did not know of etc.

  1. Cracked

Cracked is another website that contains interesting content for the readers who enjoy educating themselves by reading facts and stories that are inspired by real-life events. You will never get disappointed by the content that is posted on this website.

  1. Do Not Even Reply

Don’t Even Reply is a website that allows you to respond to classified ads but you will need to spend some time on this website. In addition to this, the emailing interchange is pretty funny and you will definitely like the website after a while.

  1. Cool Interesting Stuff

The name says it all. In this website, you will find cool and interesting stuff to read and most of these articles are mysteries and conspiracies. The content posted on this website is totally exclusive and you cannot download it, therefore you will have to log on to the site every time you want to read an article.

  1. Wait But Why

This is a website that contains news and shared content on real-life experiences. The website is known for posting content in a funny way to keep the readers entertained.

  1. This Is My Website Now

You can play a number of games on this website and it will never let you get bored with your life. You can effectively pass your time by logging on to this particular website.

  1. The Oatmeal

The Oatmeal is one of those websites that contain the funniest comics for the readers. After having a long and a tiring day at work, you can log on to this website to read some funny comics in order to relax your mind.

  1. The Onion

This website is well-known for providing on-time news and information to the users. The writers of this website are quite talented because they write the news in such a way that the readers giggle every time they read an article.

  1. Buzz Feed

Buzz Feed is a renowned website amongst youngsters and teenagers because this website contains many articles that are considered to be informative and funny at the same time. Moreover, you will find various GIFs and images that will make you laugh and make your day memorable.

  1. The Chive

This website is similar to Buzz Feed as contains articles that are almost similar to those posted on Buzz Feed. The articles posted on The Chive as enjoyed by the audience, nevertheless.

  1. GIPHY

This website has the best collection of GIFs which go viral on the internet. The website offers a user-friendly interface which makes you stay longer at the site.

  1. I Waste So Much Time

This website is designed to kill your time. You will find a number of memes, animated cartoons, tweets and videos that are randomly posted for the users so that they can pass their free time.

  1. Pixel Thoughts

This is a website that enables you to retain yourself. You can share your problems on this site and it will help you calm down in a matter of seconds. This is quite a useful site for people who take a lot of stress.


These are some of the websites that you may not be aware of. These sites offer interesting material for the users and you can visit them in your free time to explore what’s new on the internet.


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