3 Best New Stock Photo Marketplaces To Sell Your Photos

In this article, you’ll find information about new stock photo marketplaces, how you can contribute to them, their submission requirements, licensing terms, and how much they pay their contributors – a very helpful list for both starting and established photographers who are looking to break into or extend their reach in the microstock business and earn more for their photos. So here they are:

1. Grandmajestock

Grandmajestock is a stock photo site that sells High-Quality photos. Their price ranges from $100 to $500. They pay 50% commission. This means you can earn at least $50 per photo and up to $250. That is a lot of money considering in some sites you can only earn $1 to $10 per photo or in some cases below the $1 line. What are their submission requirements for contributors? They’re simple and straightforward: your photos must be great and High Quality at 300dpi. Another good thing about Grandmajestock is creating an account is simple and easy, and uploading photo is a breeze; it takes seconds to upload a photo. Grandmajestock also pays you in real-time. There’s no withdrawal limit. So when you sell a photo, you’ll get paid your 50% commission right away.

  • Licensing terms: Exclusive
  • Photo Requirements: 300dpi; at least 1100px in size (the longest side)
  • Commission: 50%

2. Almighty Pixel

Almighty Pixel is another good site to sell your photos. It is a digital marketplace. They also accept illustrations, fonts, icons, videos and other graphics. Their price ranges from $5 to $40, and they pay 67% commission, which means if your photo is priced at $10, you’ll get $6.70 commission. It’s a lot of money in terms of commission. As a contributor, it is easy to get approved as long as you follow the rules, and they are very simple rules. They say that the best place to sell your photos is on your own website. Well, Almighty Pixel is like selling your photos on your own website. Getting started isn’t complicated. With Almighty Pixel as it is a digital marketplace, you’ll have a lot of room to play and grow. You can set the price of your photos, and you can put your photos up ‘On Sale’ for a given period of time. Almighty Pixel also allows you to retain copyrights to your photos; your photos are subject to non-exclusive licensing and can be used elsewhere.

  • Licensing terms: Non-exclusive
  • Photo Requirement: 72dpi accepted; 300dpi preferred
  • Commission: 67%

3. Picfair

Picfair is also a good site to sell your photos. It is a platform for photographers and a marketplace. Photographers can sell both digital downloads and prints. One of the features they have is that the photographers can set a price for each photo individually; Picfair adds a 20% commission and a small processing fee on top of the price. So photographers get paid for the price they set their photos for. Picfair comes in 2 versions; Free and Plus. With the Free version, photographers can set their own price and list their photos in the global marketplace. With the Plus version, photographers can list unlimited photos, use albums and slideshows, enable search, add more display options and configurability, and many other features. Picfair Plus starts from $4.66/month.

  • Licensing terms: Non-exclusive
  • Photo Requirement:  300dpi
  • Commission: Set own price