3 CBD Products to Try Today

CBD is taking the market by storm with its natural ingredients to reduce anxiety, depression, and extreme pain. There are several benefits to consuming CBD in a controlled fashion. There are also several ways to consume CBD, it isn’t just smoking a marijuana joint anymore.

There are so many CBD products and edibles in today’s market which make the consumption of CBD simple and enjoyable. So there is no need to worry about an unpleasant taste or smell with these innovative products. Here are just some of them to get those taste buds going…


CBD refers to cannabidiol which is a non-intoxicating from cannabis that does not contain the psychoactive properties of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). So in essence, CBD does not get people “high”, unlike THC.

CBD oil is made from pure CBD mixed with an inert carrier oil such as coconut oil or hemp seed oil. This bottled oil, otherwise known as a tincture, is found in various concentration levels. CBD oil is usually administered under the tongue which means it enters the bloodstream very quickly and can have a very rapid effect.

CBD Gummies

Hemp gummy bears are becoming a tremendously popular choice as a CBD product due to their great taste and simply subtle way to consume your daily dose of CBD. Very much like cannabidiol oils, hemp gummies are filled with CBD goodness making them great edibles.

Most hemp gummy bears contain zero THC and are 100% pure CBD, making them even more appealing for everyday use. They are made from hemp oil rather than marijuana which usually contains high levels of THC. This means that CBD gummies are typically non-psychoactive. They also contain very useful compounds such as Vitamin D which are absorbed directly into cells via the digestive system – making the process of consumption very easy, quick, and super effective.

CBD Capsules

CBD is absorbed through the gut when taken in capsule form. The digestion time varies from individual to individual but in most cases, it takes six to eight hours to fully digits into the gut. This means that you don’t get the instant hit that you would from CBD oil. Instead, the effects are felt gradually throughout the whole day, which many people actually prefer over taking the oil sublingually.

This may be more of a familiar feeling for many people who usually take capsules such as vitamins and minerals, cod liver oil, or other medication. Adding a CBD oil into the mix won’t feel inconvenient or uncomfortable, as opposed to the instant from CBD oil that is unfamiliar and may be a new experience.