3 Mistakes You Should Avoid at All Costs When Buying Eyeglasses

Eyeglasses are a very personal thing, and you can’t afford to make mistakes when choosing a pair. The glasses you buy have to be comfortable, complement your style and shape, and more importantly, help you see better no matter the time of the day.

When people choose the wrong glasses, they often end up not wearing them as much as they should or writing glasses off altogether. But, when you pick the right glasses, you realize how convenient and stylish they can be.

Let’s take a look at a few mistakes you should avoid at all costs when buying eyeglasses.

Only Considering Online Retailers

Online eyeglass retailers have changed the game and can be a good way to make savings. The issue with them, however, is that they often sell lower quality highly mass-produced frames. The construction of these frames usually matches the price and going online is not the only way to make savings.

Physical retailers have been taking notes and many are offering big discounts to shoppers to compete with these stores. If you’re looking for Eyeglasses Pensacola, for instance, know that there are some stores that will allow you to get designer frames for as little as $50, and this is not the only place in the country where you’ll find these kinds of deals. So don’t shun brick and mortar stores and look to see whether there are some discount stores where you are.

Not Seeing an Optometrist Before Buying Them

Another great thing about going with a brick-and-mortar eyeglass retailer is that many of them will have an optometrist who’ll be able to tell you exactly what glasses you need at the moment. When buying online, many people make the mistake of using an outdated prescription because they don’t want to bother with regular exams.

Getting an up-to-date prescription is important if you want to get the proper strength on your lens and protect your vision. If you’re going to buy online, you have to make sure that your prescription isn’t older than 2 years old, though it’s recommended that you have your eyes checked every year.

Choosing the Wrong Shape

People often complain about not looking good in glasses, but, in many cases, it’s because they chose the wrong shape for their face. The most important part is understanding your face’s shape and choosing glasses that will complement it.

There are many face shape charts out there that you can use to figure out the perfect frame shape for your face, but the most important part is knowing how to balance your features. If you have a very angular face with square features, for instance, then you want to go with softer, rounder frames to balance that. But, if you have a rounder face, then you should go with squarer frames.

If you manage to avoid these few mistakes, you’ll have a greater chance of finding a pair of frames that you like.