3 Ways To Get the Most Out of Your DVC Resale Purchase

According to the American Resort Development Association, the timeshare industry is fast getting back on track, recording over $3 million in sales for 2021.

Are you among those citizens toying with the idea of buying a timeshare? If so, you’ve probably encountered Disney Vacation Club while researching your options.

The average DVC contract costs about $207 per point when you buy direct from Disney. You need a minimum of 150 points.

If you buy a DVC resale contract instead, you can save up to 50% on these initial costs. Keep reading for our top tips on how to get the best value in the DVC resales market.

Understand How DVC Works Before You Buy

DVC vacations work on a points system, whereby you trade your owned points for time in their resorts. Browse the current DVC points charts to see how many points you’ll need to enjoy your preferred vacations.

Only then can you maximize the benefits of this vacation style when you buy Disney Vacation Club points from a resale broker.

Your DVC points are only valid for one year, and you must use them within this time. So, it’s not a good idea to buy more points than you need.

You can ‘bank’ your points to use next year, or borrow from next year to enjoy an extended vacation.

Buy a Contract Based on Your Needs

When you browse DVC resale listings, you’ll notice some more confusing jargon that does impact your choice. Apart from their points value, DVC resales contracts vary according to the following criteria:

  • Home resort
  • Point availability
  • Use Year

Your choice of home resort determines how much you’ll pay in annual maintenance fees, as well as the booking window for that resort. You can book 11 months in advance for your home resort, versus 7 months for other resorts.

Use year refers to the date your points renew annually. You can only bank your points up to five months before the use year of your contract. So this can affect your planning if you want to enjoy this benefit.

Point availability refers to the points available on the contract for the current use year.

Some DVC resellers offer promotions from time to time, so make sure you check these listings first. You could snap up the same vacation product at a much cheaper price.

Get Help Paying for Your DVC Resale Contract

Most banks won’t finance timeshare purchases, but many companies do offer this facility. Usually, the timeshare developer, i.e., Disney Vacation Club, offers guaranteed loans for new buyers.

If you’re buying from a reseller, you’ll need to find an alternative source of finance. Often, your resales broker can refer you to a suitable lender.

Are You Committed to Your Annual Vacation?

A DVC resale contract may save you money on your initial purchase, but there are other ongoing costs associated with owning a timeshare product.

You’ll still need to pay annual fees to the tune of approximately $88 per month.

Are you hesitant to commit to the long-term commitment of a DVC membership? Browse our online magazine for the best alternative travel inspiration.