4 Best Video platforms as YouTube Alternatives

YouTube is the world’ largest video streaming platform where you can watch, share and upload videos, it has over 1 billion user base per month. But due to its restrict policies, users are clamoring YouTube-esque sites. Today, we will discuss some best YouTube alternatives.

Best YouTube Alternatives


Vimeo is considered as the most famous YouTube alternative out there. It was launched in the year 2004 and it has around 270 million user base in a month. Vimeo supports the quality content uploads and prefers the quality over quantity. However, its number game is not powerful but if you want to view quality content on the web then Vimeo is the best place to go. Vimeo allows uploading 4K ultra HD video with HDR.


Albeit, IGTV is new in the world of video streaming but it is famous for a number of reasons. It has great features and it is a very useful video app for smartphone users as it allows the vertical video uploading to bring massive Instagram followers. You can upload One-hour long video on your IGTV channel and access it within your standard Instagram app and IGTV app. As Instagram is a community of one billion people and it has 800 million active users per month. So you can view a variety of videos on IGTV. The best part is that it is not YouTube-esque but give you a great viewing experience. Its main focuses on the high-quality vertical videos that are not available on YouTube which makes it a new rival of YouTube and good YouTube alternative as well.

Facebook Watch:

Before launching IGTV, Instagram’ parent company and social media giant launched the Facebook watch that is a video streaming service where you can watch a wide range of videos. It also allows the creators to upload their visual content over there. The good thing is that Facebook gives you access the analytics and demographics of your videos that help them to create better content and increase your audience just like YouTube. Facebook is also offering exclusive content with the partnership of creators as you can view the original series on Facebook watch. Like YouTube, you can create your own channel and upload videos on Facebook watch.


Dailymotion is the first option to replace YouTube due to its similar user interface and video categories. It is very easy to use. It offers you the same options as of YouTube. You can create your channel and publish your video without any cost or buying a premium plan. Its policies are not too much restricted for creators and viewers as well, unlike YouTube. All these features make it a good YouTube alternative. The best part of this video streaming platform is that there is no age restriction to create an account to watch videos. But its policies also allow the users to reuse other videos on your channel that is not a good thing. You can upload 4GB data in size for upload in a month.