4 Dating Tips While in Lockdown

Lockdown has brought its own struggles and a load of new norms. Among them has been adapting our social lives, especially when it comes to dating and trying to meet someone.

Finding love in lockdown has definitely created its own obstacles. Singles have had to adapt to the world of virtual dating and meeting potential partners online on dating apps and other dating websites.

While physical intimacy and close proximity is important to feel a deep connection with someone, it doesn’t mean that it’s completely impossible to meet someone in lockdown and to connect with each other virtually with these great dating tips.

Get creative

The conventional norm of drinks and dinner after work is no longer a viable option during the lockdown, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get to still know someone over a really cool and fun date night.

It’s a chance to get those creative juices flowing and think outside the box. Have a video chat dinner date with lit candles and the shambang, or stick on a movie on Netflix to watch and chat about together.

There are even virtual concerts and museum tours you can go on as a 2nd or 3rd date. Don’t let distance stop you from having some great first dates together and still making those great initial memories.

Make the most of this time

Embrace the time that lockdown has given you and use it wisely to actually get to know each other properly and make a deeper connection.

Lockdown has forced a lot of distractions to disappear and temptations that come with physically being around each other to be put on hold.

Schedule in some time to chat on the phone or over a video call and ask questions to really get to know them. Go back to basics and enjoy the old school thrill of chatting till the early hours of the morning and texting all day long.

Be honest and direct

Virtual dating can take the wishy-washiness out of getting to know someone. It is much easier to be honest about what you are looking for through a screen than directly to someone’s face sometimes.

There doesn’t need to be any time wasted figuring out if there is chemistry, it is pretty clear to see if you guys vibe over a simple video chat.

Give yourself a break

This time of isolation is a very rare occurrence and it can impact people in very different ways. Some might use it as a time of self-reflection and some much-needed solitude that they haven’t been able to get for a very long time, due to busy schedules and hectic social life.

If you are one of those people then give yourself that much-needed break and have some well-earned ‘me’ time. That could include taking a break from dating and trying to meet someone.

Online dating can be as draining and exhausting as going to meet someone in person. It’s ok to give yourself a grace period to just focus on yourself and recharge before trying to talk to a new potential flame. There is no better time to do it.