4 new mountain lions kittens found in California mountains

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. (AP) – Four new mountain lion kittens have been found by researchers studying the wild cats living in Southern California’s Santa Monica Mountains.

The Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area said Tuesday that the four female kittens are about 5 ½ weeks old.

Video posted on Twitter showed the blue-eyed, spotted kittens meowing underneath a crevice while their mother was away.

One even hisses and swipes at the researcher filming.

They’re the first litter of kittens found in the Simi Hills, a small area of habitat between the Santa Monica and Santa Susana mountain ranges north of Los Angeles.

Researchers have added the four kittens to their ongoing study of mountain lions in the area.

They’ve taken tissue samples, conducted a general health check and marked the kittens with ear tags.


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