The marble furniture is undoubtedly one of the most playful finishes to have in a home. And we don’t all know? In fact, marble decoration has broken, dipped, and labeled for several seasons, and the trend shows no signs of braking. But what we are beginning to see are new expressions in marble, from the type of stone to the way it is used. Interior director Linda Holmes reveals everything in this breakdown of the latest marble looks.


In the center of a living room, a white marble coffee table (or a black table according to your persuasion stone) will earn significant and respected points in terms of sophistication. What we see in recent years is a distance from the black metal feet, once seen everywhere, incredibly thin that supports a part of white marble on top. Instead, there are two styles of coffee tables in the trend — black metal is replaced by the lesser-known friend of marble, chrome or, the bases of these marble coffee tables are increasingly heavier and can even be carved from burnt black wood instead of metal. The latter is a silhouette that looks very clearly in the living room designed by Stéphanie Coutas, in the photo. In fact, he even placed a marble effect glass ornament on top with the most typical figure, these very light and very fine lines. This juxtaposition is the perfect presentation of an evolved trend.


From one table to another, marble console tables have also evolved from their highest and thinnest shapes to embrace a more sculptural aesthetic, such as the dominant profile like that of this Carlyle Design model. Enriched to pass through the dark side, the console in brass and black marble presents a modern interpretation of the popular Art Deco color palette. Of course, most often you will see tables made of white marble with delicate gray veins. Usually, it is Carrara marble, which is the most popular. Calcatta marble is another lighter marble that bears a luxury name. It is abundant in intones with a much larger color variation and thicker veins than Carrara, from white with golden ribbons to dark gray, steel with sparks of white.

Isn’t white or black marble your style? There has also been a change to the most colorful balls, especially for sculptural console tables placed in the entrance halls.


Marble dining tables may have been the least frequently observed marble furniture, so the trends in this category are interesting to keep an eye on now that this shows signs of change. With the prolific use of marble, there is increased confidence in care and life with a material known for its delicate nature and high maintenance. Before that, people often hesitated about having marble as a dining surface for fear of spills and stains. Now very often this fear has diminished because the owners learn to care for marble; where it remains, the material will not be reduced because there is an opening to its other colors darker, hidden, crowds of sins. As such, marble dining tables are becoming increasingly popular with more unusual characters coming through them, such as the magnificent chocolate brown colors of the Spanish Emperor marble or even Levadia Black black marble.


It is worth noting that marble decoration is not just a subject of accessories and objects, but is the total sum of all the elements of the room that are gathered in the symphony. A round marble table, for example, is an example of marble decoration because it introduces a new shape, a new height, and a new character to space. Marble lamps are, as described above, sculptural pieces as decorative as an ornament.