4 Questions to Consider When Selecting a Fence Gate

Privacy fence gate, yard gate, vinyl fencing gates – you probably heard each of these phrases at least once in your life. It turns out that there more types of gates that you could have ever imagined, and choosing a good one is not as easy as it seems.

The fencing market is growing, especially since there are a lot of brands that specialize in only one type – for example, Wholesale Vinyl Fencing specializes in vinyl fencing (no surprise here). But because of that, you have more options and the more options you have, the harder the decision which one to choose is.

Below, you will find questions whose answering might make your decision about the fence gate a little bit easier.

Where is your gate going to be?

The place in which you put the gate will decide on its design, size, and material. That’s why it’s essential to measure how big the gate can be.

If you are installing the whole fence from scratch, then you can choose from a variety of sizes available on the market.

However, if you are replacing an old gate, you need to keep in mind that you will be limited to the width of the previous one. It has to enter the space that is already there, after all.

What is the purpose of your gate?

Do you want a fence gate strictly for decoration, or maybe it’s privacy that is your main priority? Or perhaps you are looking for one that will be the perfect balance of those two? Most gates are installed to block a driveway, small passage, or a doorway that leads into a building.

Knowing the purpose of your gate will help you in deciding which one will be the best to purchase. Maybe you have to buy two tone estate gate that will give you privacy and security. Or perhaps a wrought iron style aluminum fence gate will be better, as it will be not only aesthetically appealing but also secure.

The purpose of the gate will be an indicator of things like how high and wide the gate will be, what material it will be made of, and what type of design will be the best choice.

How many gates will you need?

The answer to this question is important, as some fences have not only the central gate but also one or two additional ones. Do you have a rear gate with which you can leave the house from the backyard? Or maybe you have a side gate?

If you have more than one gate, you have to think if all of them will have the same purpose. Maybe you only want the central entrance to be secured, and all the others only need to look pretty? Or perhaps you want all of the gates to be the same, both in terms of design and the level of security?

Remember also that if you have a fence around the whole property, it has to have three entrances – at the front, side, and back.

What material will it be made of?

Material is another important aspect of the gate. Do you want your gate to stand out, or do you want it to fade into the surroundings? In most cases, people decide on a gate that is made of the same material and the same style as the whole fence. In some cases, the gate is either taller or contains some decoration, like a diamond-shaped “window.”

Nowadays, gates are usually made of either metal (steel) or wood. A steel gate offers you a lot more options when it comes to design. It is also stronger than wood and more economical. Wood gates, on the other hand, are unique. They also offer you more privacy than steel gates.


It doesn’t matter if you have vinyl fencing, or wooden fencing, or another type of fencing – in all of those cases, the gate is of the same importance. After all, it’s the thing that prevents other people from coming into your property.

Deciding which one to choose might be difficult, but if you consider the place where it’s going to be, the purpose and the material of which you want it to be, it should be easier. Good luck!