4 Reasons You Have Troubleshooting From A Blurry Rifle Scope

If you are a shooter or a gun enthusiast, you will know how essential optics are for an accurate rifle. Shooting through a rifle scope may seem simple enough in movies and video games, but in reality, it is much more complicated than it looks.

There are a lot of factors that can make it difficult for you to see clearly through the scope and making your vision blurry. Today I am going to tell you the reason why you have troubleshooting through a rifle scope. So, keep reading to learn more and significantly improve your long-range shooting skills.

The scope is not sighted in properly.

Just mounting a scope on your rifle doesn’t mean that it is ready to go, all ranges need to be sighted in, both according to the gun they are mounted on, and the eyesight of the person using them. Most novice and inexperienced shooters don’t know how to sight in their scopes, which can cause blurriness and inaccurate shots.

If you don’t know how to do it yourself, you can always learn from an experienced friend, or watch tutorials from YouTube. One tip that I give all shooters is that you shouldn’t swap scopes frequently; once a range is mounted in a rifle and sighted inaccurately, you should keep the pair together.

This ensures that the gun doesn’t have to be readjusted, and it works perfectly every time you take it to the range.

The scope is not correctly mounted on the rifle.

The first and most important thing is mounting the scope on your rifle correctly. There shouldn’t be any rattling once the scope is attached, and it should be sturdy like it is a part of the rifle.

Picatinny rails and clamp mounts are advantageous options for mounting your sights. Once a scope is mounted on a rifle, you need to be extra careful as well. Though dropping a rifle is harmful either way (unless you have an AK), it becomes even more dangerous after you mount a scope.

Your scope might not be adequately cleaned.

If you have mounted the scope properly and sighted it in, then the problem most likely is that your scope is not clean. Cleaning is the best way of fixing a blurry scope. Firstly, you should be careful with how you handle your rifle; you should keep it in your gun safe, where dust can’t get into it, and be careful to keep your scope away from water.

Though you can get waterproof scopes, some of them can still get water inside them, which can make the optic blurry. Moreover, you should clean your rifle scopes regularly with gun cleaning liquid.

You might be using the wrong scope:

One of the reasons you might be getting a blurry sight picture is that you may be using the wrong optic for your rifle. When you buy a rifle scope, you will also get a manual with it, which will tell you what calibers and rifles it is suited for.

For instance, if you use a simple Acog sight on a 50 BMG, it will be difficult to view in, and after a couple of shots, the heat of the barrel can create a mirage in front of the lens blocking your visibility. So, make sure that you get the right scope for your rifle.