4 Things To Take Into Consideration When Choosing A Rug For Your Home

Buying the right rug can either make your room look like a million dollars or simply just do nothing for the room at all. Making the right choice when choosing a rug can define a room, bring warmth and add a touch of elegance. Choosing the right rug for your room or space though can be something of a daunting challenge!

So Which Is The Best Rug Material For Me?

When choosing the best type of rug for your room or space it will more or less depend on the amount of foot traffic coming through. If your plan is to add a rug to a very much used space it will be best to choose a rug that is long-lasting and extremely durable. As an example, wool or a wool blend rug would be an ideal choice for a widely used space. Whereas flatweave rugs & distressed rugs which provide style, as well as comfort underfoot, are more suitable for quieter and less used areas of the home as they will endure less wear and less tear.

It’s All About The Seating Area

It is indeed all about how and where your seating area is situated in the room. If as an example, your seating area is rectangular in shape you should opt for a rectangular-shaped rug. If your seating area is a square-like space you should opt for a square-type rug.

If your room is a small space always make sure the rug you choose can fit under all pieces of furniture that are in the room and is at least 6 inches away from the wall. If you are using a rug in your dining area, always make sure there is enough rug to be able to cover the chair space when chairs are pushed back. A round rug is more suitable for bedrooms or placed in front of doors leading to the outside.

It’s All About The Size

If you go too big or you go too small it can all go wrong for the aesthetics of your room or space. So getting the size spot on for your room or space is paramount. The golden rule followed by most people and interior designers too is the bigger the room the bigger the rug you choose!

If you are choosing a rug for a room full of furnishings always make sure that the rug is big enough for at least the front legs of the furniture to sit on comfortably, if it’s a smaller room or a bedroom make sure that the rug is large enough to fit comfortably for example under a bed or under a table.

Colour Coordination

A rug is rather like a fine piece of art but for your floor space. The brighter the color of rug you choose the more it is likely to bring out the best in subtle colors such as greys and beiges as an example.

With so many designs and colors to choose from, be it multicolored, diamond pattern, plain or abstract as examples check this wide range to choose from, a rug for every taste and every room in every shape and every size and they can all be found here.

At the end of the day when choosing a rug, the ultimate decision comes down to you, your style, your taste, and what suits your home life. There are so many factors to take into account like size, shape, durability, price, color, and material. So whatever the rug you decide on, make a statement of your own and choose a rug that defines and adds elegance to your home or space.