4 Things You Need to Know About Event Permits

Not all events require permits but there are those that do. It is therefore important for event planners to determine which types of permits are required and how to secure them.

Here are 4 things you need to know about event permits.

1. An event may require a number of different permits.

Just because you’re organizing only one event doesn’t mean you need only one permit. In fact, a single event may require several. Some examples include:

  • Electrical permit
  • Building permit
  • Entertainment permit
  • Temporary Use permit
  • Food permit
  • Alcohol permit
  • Fireworks permit
  • Amplified sound permit

2. City requirements for securing permits vary.

Each city has its own rules, regulations, and requirements for securing event permits, so it’s important for you to do your research. Some cities categorize events which means that permits vary depending on the category.

Depending on your event, you may also need to secure different permits from a variety of different organizations such as the Fire department and Police department among others. Take note of requirements regarding when you are supposed to submit a permit application to make sure you will get it in time for your event.

3. Securing permits come with a cost.

Application fees also vary depending on the event. You may even need to shell out for insurance costs and a clean-up or damage deposit.

4. There are consequences for not securing permits.

Not having the required permits or not following guidelines can cause the cancellation of your event and prevent you from securing permits in the future. You can even be held guilty of a misdemeanor or offense and be liable to pay a fine.

Securing all the proper permits for your event is an essential part of event planning. Complying with what is required can help ensure the success of your event.