4 tips on how to choose the right flat caps

There are many different types of caps that are available in the market. One of the most popular caps are flat caps. Nowadays, flat caps are quite trendy and now are back in the business. Thanks to all the popularity that they received recently, everyone wants to wear a flat cap now. Furthermore, a lot of celebrities wear flat caps such as Samuel L. Jackson. He wears flat caps on the red carpet.

Flat caps are now quite trendy because of the show, Peaky Blinders. This show is quite successful and features a lot of different styles of flat caps. They are a kind of an accessory that complements any kind of look and will look good on anything. However, before purchasing a flat cap, you need to make sure that you buy a perfect flat cap in order to rock it. Therefore, here are some of the best tips on how to choose right flat caps for you:

The size: This may sound very obvious but people still do not remember this major tip. It is quite essential to make sure that flat cap fits you properly. You must always make sure that you never buy a flat cap, or anything for that matter, in the wrong size. Flat caps are supposed to be snuggly, so make sure that they feel like it. It is advisable to check multiple caps from the store before choosing one. Wear them all and buy the one that feels perfect to you.

Face shape: Although, choosing a flat cap depends on your preference but you also need to consider your face shape. There are two different kinds of flat caps, newsboy caps and ivy cap hats. The major difference between these two flat caps is how the crown is constructed. An ivy cap hat has a smooth and flat crown. This kind of crown swoops over a stiff and short brim. On the other hand, a newsboy flat cap has an 8 panel construction in order to achieve a fuller and larger look. Always remember that you need to buy a flat cap according to your face shape. If you have a larger and obtuse face, then you should buy an ivy cap. Whereas, if you have a small face shape, then you should buy a newsboy flat cap.

Compare prices: After shortlisting the caps, you like, you need to check their prices and compare them. Each and every flat cap has a different price depending on its brand. Nevertheless, it is essential to make sure that you compare the prices and buy a flat cap that does not go over your budget.

Check quality: Last but not the least, you need to check the quality of the flat caps as well. It is quite crucial to do so, since you are purchasing an accessory which may not be that expensive but you still are. Might as well buy a good quality flat cap.