4 Tips to Help Your Dog Age Gracefully

Watching a dog age can be tough. They might not be as sharp or enthusiastic as they used to be. In some cases, they can turn into completely different animals. But how well they age will also depend on how you care for them. There are many things you can do to help them maintain their mobility, sanity, and health. You could even extend their longevity if you make the right choices. Let’s take a look at a few tips for people caring for senior dogs.

Look at Supplementation

Tons of supplements can help aging dogs remain happy and healthy. Omega 3s are one of the best. Just like in humans, Omega 3s can stop the inflammation which is something that affects aging dogs at many levels. They have also been shown to help slow down cognitive decline and preserve eyesight, which is also a common issue with older dogs.

If your dog is beginning to have mobility issues, another supplement you should look into is elk velvet antler. Elk velvet antler has been shown to greatly improve bone and joint health. It can also improve immune function and support the liver and kidneys. If you’re looking for a good brand, Wapiti Labs pet supplements have a wide selection you can look at.

Go to the Vet More Often

Early detection is very important when dealing with older dogs as they’re more likely to develop chronic and deadly diseases. The AAHA recommends that you send your dog to the vet once every year once they reach senior age. Check-ups will also allow the vet to see if the dog is showing signs of hearing or eyesight decline.

It’s also important that you act quickly if they show any signs of sickness. If you notice that they’re lethargic, stop eating, start vomiting, or experience diarrhea, send them to the vet immediately.

Improve their Diets

If you want your dog to live longer, one of the most important things is reevaluating its diet. We suggest that you start looking into more whole foods for now. Also, pay special attention to their caloric intake as obesity can be disastrous for an older dog.

One of the best foods you can give to an older dog is bone broth. Greens are also great for dogs of all ages, so you could incorporate things such as kale, spinach, dandelion, and broccoli into their diet. You can steam them and use them as food toppers if your dog isn’t crazy about green veggies. Pumpkins are also great and chock full of fiber, which will keep their bowels moving.

Keep Them Active

They might not be as active as they once were, but older dogs still need some exercise. It’s essential to promote blood flow and strengthen muscles. It can also help with brain function. Instead of going for long runs, go for shorter, but more frequent walks.

These few simple tips should be enough to improve your dog’s quality of life for the next few years. They’ll be happier and more active for longer.