4 Ways Dentistry Software Can Maximize Profitability in Your Practice

Unlike medical doctors, there are no federal stipulations that require dentists to adopt an Electronic Health Records (EHR) system. Medical doctors were to have implemented electronic records by 2014, but in most states, there are no laws requiring dentists to go paperless. However, the right dentistry software can do so much more for your practice than convert all those paper files to digital format. In fact, the right choice in software can maximize your profitability in ways you can only begin to imagine – and that’s something that will keep you in business for years to come. Here’s a bit about those benefits and why now is the time to make the transition.

1. Reduces Workload for Staff

If you have not gone digital, take the time one day to watch your office staff as they seek the information that they need in a hardcopy file. Sometimes that file is misplaced and it becomes a manhunt to get their hands on it in the first place. Then, just watch how long it takes them to shuffle through pages to find the exact record they are trying to access. Dentistry software will transition all those files to digital format so that the information needed is just nanoseconds away. It’s amazing just how cost-effective electronic records can be.

2. Full Integration

The right dentistry software can integrate everything from digital imaging to patient communications, and you will need just one software package that literally does it all. Artificial intelligence, added into the mix, can help to stay one step ahead of what it is you require so that sometimes that information is there waiting for you even before you know you need it.

3. Cost Reduction

While going paperless offers immediate savings of thousands of dollars a year, there are other ways in which dentistry software can offer a major reduction in overhead. Consider all those manpower hours you are no longer paying because everything is now computerized. From wages to materials, you will find that the overall cost reduction will, in time, pay for the implementation of a new digital platform designed for dentists.

4. Automated Confirmation of Appointments

This bears special mention. While it will obviously be a way for dentists to save money on wages when office staff no longer need to stay on the phone for appointment confirmations, it also provides a digital trail if that patient should miss an appointment. Automated communications can contact patients leaving an electronic voicemail or emails and texts to increase productivity. This frees office staff to do more things which can’t be handled by a computer, such as giving excellent customer service to each and every person who walks through your doors.

If you haven’t yet made the transition to dentistry software, the one thing to remember is that your field is similar but different from the medical field. As a result, the software platform you choose should be designed specifically for use in dental offices and clinics. There is nothing like saving money to increase profitability and that’s exactly what implementing dentistry software can do for you.