4 Ways to Style a Men’s Cuban Chain for Fall

While it may seem customary to immediately think of women when we start talking about jewelry, men’s casual styles also need effort and elements. Let’s talk about how to magnify your appearance this autumn.

Jewelry lovers know that not all pieces are the same.

When it comes to gold chains, one of them stands above the rest in terms of style, durability, and purity. The Cuban link chain is a type of chain is a variation of hip hop styles that rose to prominence in the 1970s.

1) Mix and Match Metals

Coming out of the hot summer season into the cooler breeze of autumn, your sleeves start getting longer on your selected shirts, while your shorts and swim trunks get traded in for pants and jeans.

You will also be layering up in sweaters and jackets, so why not start bundling up a Cuban chain? As you’re adding depth to your long-sleeved fall fashions, you can also bundle up with more than one piece of jewelry when you are attending special gatherings and events.

Use a Cuban chain, let’s assume that it is gold as your core piece and build around that. If you are going to mix metal colors, you may wear other necklaces of various sizes and shades of gold or silver as your contrasting jewelry selections.

On the other hand, if you are looking to match a Cuban chain, then you might wear an additional Cuban link in the same shade of gold, but you could differentiate your core piece by pairing it with smaller or bigger chains.

2) Layer Chains

Along with mixing and matching metal colors, you can also layer up a Cuban link chain for a total of two to four jewelry pieces to prevent them from getting tangled. This time around, you may layer a Cuban link chain with links of different styles other than Cuban chains.

It is totally up to you whether you want to mix up various chain styles or keep each chain the same. But it would make sense when you are piecing together men’s Cuban chain style for the fall that you match it up with the right lengths.

When you layer each Cuban link necklace, you should choose each one to be a different length. Let there be gaps between each chain in order for there to be enough room for each necklace to stand out in order for your chest to not look chaotically crowded.

You want your look to appear intentional and not random.

3) Various Textures

During these cooler fall months, it can be fun for men to use Cuban link chains not only to use the quantity and colors of chains to add some extra flavor to their look, but textures can also play a pivotal role as well.

Instead of leaving the chain as a circular connected piece, you can draw added attention by adding a pendant or a medallion to it.

It is a common occurrence to add an object to your Cuban chain that matters to you on a personal level. Some examples might be a carved Jesus medallion that has been popularly worn by Hip Hop artists like The Notorious B.I.G. and Kanye West.

Another common religious medallion or pendant that you can add to a Cuban link chain is a Christian cross.

You can also add some additional stylish depth to your autumn outfits by pairing a Cuban link chain with shiny bracelets or adding colored gemstones to your chain that can match your favorite sneakers and sweaters.

4) Keep it Simple

Just in case you are on the less flamboyant side of fashion, and you don’t feel comfortable enough to adorn yourself with multiple pieces of necklace jewelry, you can still make the most out of your single Cuban link chain by keeping it simple.

Whether you are going for a more laid-back casual look or if it is a special night out on the town where you are trying to look extra elegant, a Cuban link can help you shine your way toward the desired effect you seek.

You can go for a monochrome look in all-black with a cashmere sweater and sleek dress pants, or you drape your chain over a preppy v-neck sweater and a pair of blue jeans.

In Conclusion

Accessorizing your outfits doesn’t have to feel daunting.

In order to style a men’s Cuban chain for the fall season, a great jumping-off point is to begin building out a style that matches your current mood and makes sense for the locations where you will be spending your day or night in.