45 Useful Adjectives That Start with K with Definitions

Although adjectives that start with K are not all that usual, there are some very good ones that must not be forgotten. If you remain in the marketplace for a K adjective to use in the name of a business or an ad campaign, and you do not want to make common misspellings like krazy, krispy, or kwik, learning some most useful adjectives that begin with K is necessary. They may not all be suitable for an advertising campaign, however, they can add a kick to your writing, at least they’re correct words.

Develop a stronger vocabulary by understanding a selection of adjectives that start with the letter K. Possibilities are you’ll find a word that expresses what you intend to claim in this checklist of 50 descriptive adjectives.

  1. Keen – characterized by intellectual quickness and acuity; eager; ardent; enthusiastic; splendid; fine; sharp; piercing
  2. Kechuan – of or relating to the Quechua or their language
  3. Kempt – tidy; trim; neat
  4. Killing – very funny The aircraft hit a bungalow, killing the pilot
  5. Kerchieft – covered, dressed, or hooded; wearing a kerchief
  6. Kinky – informal terms; strikingly unconventional Christensen specialized in performing kinky sex acts for money
  7. Knavish – dishonest, deceitful, untrustworthy
  8. Key – being or serving as an essential component; important
  9. Knifelike – cutting or able to cut as if with a knife
  10. Kicky – exciting; lively; fashionable
  11. Knobby – having knobs It produces a branching
  12. Kiddyish – sportive; frolicsome
  13. Knockdown – easily assembled and dismantled
  14. Killer – extremely good; excellent; formidable; having effective or impressive power or effect
  15. Keelless – having no keel
  16. Knowable – capable of being known
  17. Kyphotic – having a humped or crooked back
  18. Kin – related (especially of a person)
  19. Knowledgeable – highly educated; having extensive information or understanding
  20. Kind – warmhearted; generous; friendly; tolerant; liberal; beneficial; gentle; forgiving
  21. Kinetic – of or caused by motion; energetic or dynamic
  22. Koranic – something related to, or contained in the Koran
  23. Kaleidoscopic – related to a kaleidoscope; having patterns that shift rapidly
  24. Korean – of or relating to or characteristic of Korea or its people or language
  25. Kind-hearted – sympathetic; humane; having a friendly and cheerful disposition
  26. Kindly – agreeable; helpful; pleasant; characterized by kindness
  27. Kindred – of the same family, ancestry, or nature; similar in character or quality
  28. Kinesthetic – muscle sense; the sensation of movement in muscles, joints, and tendons
  29. Kissable – having the potential to be kissed
  30. Kayoed – being made unconscious as a result of being impacted by a heavy blow
  31. Kinetic – characterized by showing, exhibiting, or producing motion; active
  32. King – chief or principal (especially as in importance or size)
  33. Knaggy – covered with gnarled or knotty bulges
  34. Kingly – majestic; royal
  35. Kittenish – childish, frisky, or playful
  36. Kidding – playfully or teasingly deceptive
  37. Knitted – made by knitting
  38. Known – within the knowledge
  39. Kalmuck – relating to the Kalmyk, their people, and their language
  40. Kaput – over, defeated, destroyed
  41. Knockout – striking or beautiful; causing one to be knocked unconscious
  42. Katabatic – related to wind produced as a result of cold air flowing down a slope
  43. Khaki – a yellowish-brown color
  44. Kinesthetic – of or related to bodily movement
  45. Keeled – having a ridged shape; formed in a manner similar in appearance to the keel of a ship

The letter K is poor and it doesn’t obtain much credit. Much of its sound is overtaken by the letter C, like “Car”, “Can”, etc. Yet we are honoring this remarkable letter right here with our list of adjectives that begin with K. There are some truly excellent detailed words that start with K and also we have actually done our ideal to collect for you those K adjectives that are really useful.

We have actually omitted extremely seldom utilized adjectives that begin with K such as kleptomaniacal and also kyphotic, in order to supply you with a collection of words that are not obscure, to make sure that you might conveniently find helpful ways to describe a person, something or someplace.

The letter K isn’t one that is used at all times, and as you see there aren’t a lot of common words that begin with K to explain somebody, something, or someplace. Of course, there are words such as kind, known, as well as knowledgeable, so hopefully, you are still able to be as descriptive as you would like to be.

You can also see, there are some useful adjectives that start with K. Now that you understand them, developing new ones is simply unneeded. Why use klean/kleen in your persuasive writing when there’s kempt? Choose the best one to impress others.

Please return right here whenever you have the need for adjectives starting with K, whether it is for praise, a rhyme, text, a game, or even more. We wish these adjectives beginning with to define a person, a location, or a thing aided you to reveal whatever it is in your mind.