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5 Best 3D Games for Your Android Phone

Today is the best time if you are into gaming. Gaming developments are at an all-time high. The present gaming industry is advanced and backed up with so many resources that they are able to offer amazing video games of all genres to the people. The rising number of mobile gamers too has its contribution in the success of gaming world.

While hardcore gamers may like to bash the people gaming on handheld devices, there is no doubt that it is getting stronger day-by-day. The tech and processors used in smartphones today allow people to carry even the most intense 3D game titles in their pockets. Below are some of the 5 Best 3D Games for Your Android Phone, that you must try if you love gaming.

1. Mortal Kombat

The gaming version of the incredible action movie– Mortal Kombat has been available on the Android platform for some time now. You can now fulfill your dreams of fighting as the Scorpion and Sub-Zero on your Android platform too. There are one-on-one battles of the characters in the game.

The developers of the game have taken special care in adding the signature finishing moves of each character. The game does not require very high power from your processor and even mid-range devices can play it smoothly.

2. Pubg

How do we go on telling you about Pubg? If you are a true gaming lover, then you probably have it in your phone. Honestly, Pubg is not a game, but a game-changer. It Is one of the major mobile games that has made online multi-gaming a force to be reckoned with.

The Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is easily enough the most fascinating game in the Play Store. You start with nothing and work your way up in the Battle Royale. If you are looking for 3D Games online, then Pubg is what you should be playing.

3. Archery Master 3D

Archery Master 3D comes out as a very basic ‘aim-and-shoot’ game from the outset, but when you get down to play it, it isn’t. Various difficulties, maintaining accuracy, and beating the scores is something that will keep you hooked to your mobile phones.

The game may not have endless characters to boast off, but it is truly addictive with you trying to maintain repeatability of your scores. Archery Master will not consume much of your phone space or battery, and run smoothly on almost all processors.

4. Asphalt 8: Airborne

Gamer alert– a very graphic intense title ahead.

Want to test the true power of your smartphone processor? Try Asphalt 8: Airborne. The Asphalt car racing games have been popular over the years and with Airborne, it has stepped up the ladder in terms of the entertainment it provides.

Mind you, it is not an easy run and navigate racing game. You are faced by numerous hindrances and while trying to overcome that you have to maintain your position in the race. The locations are beautiful, and playing it at the highest graphic settings will let you a real gaming experience.

5. Batman Arkham Origins

For all the DC fans out there, Batman Arkham Origins brings good news with its availability on the mobile platform. A game that is at the heart of gaming console and PC users, can now be played on Android. The gameplay, music, stories, and graphics, everything is similar to the gameplay that is on the other platforms. There is no compromise bringing this game to mobile devices from bigger platforms.

These are some of the most amazing gaming titles on the Android OS. Give them a try and your views about the gaming scene on this platform will change forever.