5 Best Spotify Playlists to Listen to Right Now

Spotify is a wonderful place that all of you must be familiar with. There is absolutely no one in this world, unless they’re living under a rock, who does not understand the significance of this app today. Not only is this site a great place for music, but it also contains some incredible podcasts that you can listen to anytime.  You can pick out your favorite artist, and easily identify their top songs so far.

However if you are an artist, who is creating music on Spotify, things can get a little difficult because of the competition. Some people might want to buy spotify streams in order to gain a fanbase on Spotify. Although that is a perfectly good way to improve your performance on Spotify, your fans would feel better if you gained recognition organically.

Keeping that aside, in this article we have talked about some of the best playlists that are available on Spotify. We recommend that you check these out today itself, because if you don’t you’ll be missing out on some great music. We understand that navigating through the entire app in little time is a big task. Therefore we have created this list to ease out your searching process. Let’s have a look-

Today’s Top Hits

This playlist is perfect for people who like to keep up with pop culture. The playlist features some amazing music from the top artists of the world that have created fresh music. This playlist is a great way to ensure that you do not miss out on what the whole world is listening to. The staggering fact is that this playlist has over 26 million followers.

As you might guess, this playlist gets updated every day. It includes new hits that have just come out and gives you some of the most desired songs in the music industry. People around the world rely on this playlist for their daily music update, and music library.

Make sure you do not miss out on this beloved playlist. It features both old and young artists alike, as long as the song they have made creates a sensation in the world. It contains a mix of genres that are perfect for people who like diverse music.

Global Top 50

This playlist is ideal for those who enjoy keeping up with most loved songs in music culture. The playlist has some incredible songs from some of the world’s most talented musicians. This playlist is a brilliant way to stay up to date with what the rest of the world is listening to. The fact that this compilation has over 26 million fans is astounding.

As you would expect, this playlist is updated on a daily basis. It features recently released classics as well as some of the most requested tracks in the music industry. This playlist serves as a regular music alert and music archive for people all over the world. The days of searching for and downloading songs are long gone. Spotify now provides you with anything you require in the form of those playlists.

Songs to Sing in The Car

This playlist happens to be the sixth most followed playlist in the world with as much as 9.6 million followers. Here you can find songs from a mix of genres and artists, with some of the best music in the world. They take the cream of good music from old and new times, and create a playlist that is bound to lift your mood.

The playlist contains popular artists- country, pop, rock, and a lot more. This music is not just about ‘fresh’ things, instead it focuses on giving you the best. If you are looking for music to relax to, then this playlist becomes a must.

Be careful not to lose out on this famous playlist. It includes both old and new artists, as long as the music they’ve written causes a worldwide phenomenon. It features a variety of genres that are ideal for listeners who enjoy a wide range of music.

All Out 00s

This playlist has 856 million followers, making it the seventh most popular playlist on the planet. Songs from a variety of styles and musicians, as well as some of the best music in the country, can be found here. They curate the best music from the past and present to build a playlist that is sure to brighten your day. The songs are appropriate for most situations as long as you want to have fun.

This playlist contains some of the best music that has been created in this century. It has hits that you simply cannot miss out on! The playlist features well-known artists from various genres, including country, pop, rock, and more.

Rock Classics

We had to include this playlist here, because we simply cannot let you miss out on a genre like rock. No matter what your music taste is, this playlist is bound to become one of your favorites. It also falls among the top 10 playlists followed in the world.

This music isn’t just about bringing you new things; it’s about showing you the best. If you’re looking for songs to unwind to, this compilation is a must-have. The songs are fit for most occasions, as long as you are looking to enjoy. The days when you had to search for and download music are gone. Now Spotify gives you everything you need through such playlists.


Spotify is a fantastic service that I’m sure you’re all familiar with. Unless they’ve been hiding under a rock, no one in the world today is unaware of the importance of this app. This site not only has awesome music, but it also has some fantastic podcasts that you can listen to at any time. You can instantly recognize your favorite artist’s best work. Some of the fresh artists tend to buy spotify plays for their songs to get the real boost.

Leaving that aside, we’ve covered some of the latest Spotify playlists in this post. We suggest that you try these out right now, because you’ll be losing out on some awesome music if you don’t. We recognize that getting through the whole app in a short amount of time is a difficult challenge. As a result, we’ve compiled this list to make your quest easier.