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5 Common, Health-influencing Supplements

As U.S. consumers are looking for ways to improve their health while keeping their costs down, many have turned to supplements as a way to improve the nutritional value in their daily diet. Affordable vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients are provided by private label supplement companies, many of whom employ tablet manufacturing to mass-produce vital health elements for citizens around the country. For some information on which supplements would be beneficial to your overall health, consider the following information,

Vitamin D

There have been several public studies showing the beneficial effects on bones through increased vitamin D consumption, but other studies have branched out to look at other areas of positive impact. Although vitamin D is needed in order to maximize calcium absorption, it has also been shown to be important for heart health, reducing inflammation, and supporting immune system functions. Researchers have also found that deficiencies in vitamin D can result in cognitive impairment, as there is evidence to support the vitamin as a protective measure against neurodegeneration. This vitamin may also be linked to the functionality of the blood vessels moving between the brain and the heart.


Digestive health has become a hotbed of conversation, with many physicians recommended improved gut health as a means of improving total body wellness. Though yogurt has been considered an effective source of probiotics, there are alternative food and product sources to address gut microbiome needs. In addition to apple cider vinegar, kefir, and kombucha, dietary supplements have become a preferred source of the nutrient. In fact, probiotics account for the third-largest category of commonly used supplements.

Lesser-Known Herbs

Though Eastern cultures have long relied on herbs for health benefits, the last few years have seen the herbal supplement sales rise. Things like ginseng, evening primrose, echinacea, or ginkgo biloba are available at many major grocery stores and pharmacy retailers. The FDA has a small part in regulating these supplements, but it isn’t the same oversight as with foods or drugs. There are different evidentiary claims for each unique herb and the area of impact on bodily health, but you should never abandon physician recommended treatments or medications in favor of an herbal supplement. There are holistic practitioners that can offer guidance in areas of herbal supplements and treatment support.

Vitamin B-12

There are times when a vitamin deficiency occurs due to a dietary restriction or medication prescription. Commonly, medications used to diabetes and acid reflux block the body’s ability to absorb vitamin B-12. This element is commonly found in animal products like fish, eggs, or chicken. It is necessary for healthy blood cells and services, and it is instrumental in making the DNA found in all cells. Those who have vegan diets or who have had a gastric bypass are often most at risk for developing a deficiency. Signs that this may have occurred include difficulty with walking, tingling or numbness in the legs, cognitive impairment, vision changes, or muscle cramps. Since there are several other B vitamins that are necessary for a healthy body, many choose to take a B-complex supplement. This is a pill that has a combination of the B vitamins.


Iron is known for being one of the most common deficiencies for all people, though it significantly affects women and children. The red blood cells rely on this mineral for form and function, and those who have a deficiency are often considered anemic. This means you could suffer from brittle fingernails, headaches, low energy/fatigue, shortness of breath, and heart palpitations. However, taking too much iron can lead to toxicity levels within the body and create liver damage.

While you can improve your diet and include lots of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and lean meats to improve your health, supplements are a convenient way to get the same effect. A quality multivitamin is a good place to start.