5 creative ideas to try on your social media channels today

You probably had your Instagram or Facebook account for some time now. One fine day, you upload an interesting video you created on your own, on a whim and suddenly, that video has received the most views and likes you’ve ever had and you think, maybe you could do more content like this? Or at the very least how do you keep the momentum going?

  • Keep creating the kind of content that became a hit

When you do garner a following, the best practice would be to continue creating that type of content for a certain period of time. You could have found your niche and if this content keeps your audience coming back for more so why not give them what they want? You need to keep at it until you get a good amount of following before experimenting on different types of content.

  • Do a giveaway

Most content creators end up doing giveaways as a way to reward their followers or because they’ve been invited to do a brand collaboration. Depending on what you want out of your social media, you can give this idea a try. Giveaways are fun and even if you don’t see yourself as an influencer, it’s a fun way to thank the people who come to your profile, like, and share your content.

  • Give them a glimpse  of your past

This idea is especially great when there’s a holiday around the corner. Dig up old family videos from your old DVDs, digitize them and post them up on your social media as a form of #throwback to Thanksgiving when you were a kid or #mothersday. It’s a sweet and fun way to connect with your followers and give them a glimpse of who you were when you were a kid. We recommend this method of getting your photos from your DVDs to your social media- digitize them!

  • Behind-the-scenes

Maybe you won an award or maybe you’re about to take that parkour jump you’ve been training for so many months. Or maybe you created a new way of decorating cakes? People love behind the scenes because it shows the level of dedication and amount of work that went in to take that perfect shot, that perfect jump, or that perfect swirl of buttercream.

  • Make use of Polls

Whether on Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok- they all have their own versions of polls or Q & As. Make use of it to your heart’s content- get your followers to ask you questions or ask them questions to get their comments and feedback, You want to create a conversation with your followers because its’ a great way to gauge what they like, don’t like, who they are and what their values are. It’ll help you in crafting future content too.