5 Dental Care Tips for Children From Your Red Deer Dentist

As a parent, it is your duty to ensure that your kids’ dental health is at its best. When kids’ dental health is neglected, they can get cavities and other dental issues. This may interfere with their ability to talk and chew. Also, dental issues can ruin a child’s social life. This article highlights five dental care tips for children every parent or guardian should know about.

Start Seeing a Dentist Early

Find a good family dentist and book an appointment for your child as soon as the first tooth comes out. Your baby should see a dentist before their first birthday. During your first dentist visit, a Red Deer Dentist will give you tips on how to clean your child’s teeth and the products to use to prevent cavities. Don’t hesitate to ask for a dentistry demonstration, especially if it is your first time doing this at the dentists. After your first visit, keep going consistently as per the dentist’s recommendation.

Supervise Brushing

As the child learns to hold things, teach the child to brush their own teeth but with your supervision. For under 5’s allow the child to brush for one minute and then take over and clean the parts they didn’t reach or clean well. Continue with the supervision up to an age where the child learns to brush properly by themselves. You can make brushing an interesting activity in your house by setting it as an early morning and bedtime routine for everyone, allowing the kids to choose their toothbrushes and rewarding a job well done.

Limit Intake of Sweets and Processed Juices

According to a Red Deer dentist, sweets are among the foods that damage teeth and thus you shouldn’t buy lots of those for your kids. Sugar is directly linked to tooth decay in both children and adults. Instead of sweets and processed juices, consider fresh fruits which are healthier snacks.

Use Straws for Juices

When your children are taking juices, encourage them to use straws. Drinking with a straw keeps the juice’s sugar and acidity away from the teeth. Acidic drinks are bad for the teeth because they can wear out the enamel. Thus, use straws whenever possible and after have them sip and swish some water to reduce that acidity.


Finally, educate your kids on the importance of brushing, flossing, eating healthy meals and visiting the dentist regularly. Educating is better than just setting rules and telling everyone to comply. Your children might think you just want to punish them. Thus, talk to them regularly on the importance of dental health and let them know that you are doing everything for their own good & dental well being.

As a parent, set a good example for your child by taking good care of your teeth. Brush at the same time with them as a way of letting them know that you do that too. Also, follow the same healthy snacking choices as you have implemented for your kids. Finally, ensure that you plan balanced and healthy meals for everyone & don’t forget water as part of a healthy dental routine. Find fun ways to make sure you and your kids drink the recommended amount of water each day.