5 Face Masks That Offer Real Protection

When it comes to buying a face mask you need to make sure that the product you are buying is reliable in every meaning of the word. Having the right information can lead you to good products and make sure that you do not buy something that is falsely advertised or unreliable in any way. To help you with that, we are providing a list of masks that are the best of the best when it comes to protection against coronavirus or any other similar harmful substance.

  1. N95 Mask

This is the mask that ended up being the gold standard for most people around the world. It is certified for being able to protect against at least 95% of all types of airborne particles. The mask is not resistant to oil but in the case of the coronavirus that is not particularly an issue. However, given the stellar recommendation that it got, this mask has been in short supply for a long time now. However, by looking in the right places and using the right connections you should be able to get your hands on these. Do not be surprised though if you end up paying a premium price for this mask.

  1. Surgical N95 Mask

This is a mask that is almost the same as the N95 mask but has the additional benefit of being cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in surgical situations. What that means is that this mask is much more effective for anyone who works in the medical field, specifically someone who is a surgeon or works in a team that performs surgeries. Typically, these masks are not available to the public but if you can get your hands on these then the upgrade is certainly worthwhile.

  1. N99 Mask

This is a face mask that provides a minimum of 99% filtration of airborne particles and is extremely effective against the coronavirus. Of course, you cannot ignore the fact but there is still a 1% chance that you may catch the virus even if you are wearing an N99 mask. These masks are also almost impossible to find but if you can get your hands on these, you would certainly be enjoying the top level of protection against the virus. Again, this is something that would generally be reserved for use in situations where people are either performing surgeries or dealing with hazardous airborne substances.

  1. N100 Masks

if you want to get your hands on a mask that could be called the ultimate solution for dealing with airborne particles like the coronavirus, then this is the mask that you would look for. The N100 masks provide an incredible 99.97% protection against all airborne particles. That brings the chances of catching the virus while wearing this mask close to zero! However, not only are these extremely short in supply, but masks of this caliber are also usually quite expensive, even without a pandemic going on. Getting your hands on one of these, let alone a whole pack would make you extremely lucky.

  1. Surgical Masks

As far as effectiveness goes, surgical masks are clearly the least effective of all in this list. However, these are also the only type that you would be able to get your hands on easily. They are cheap to make, they come in large quantities, and for daily use, they do a good job as well. You should be wearing at least this type of mask if you want any real protection at all.


Protecting yourself against the coronavirus is extremely important to minimize the spread in your community. Make sure that you wear a proper face mask when in public and follow the guidelines provided by your health authorities.