5 Free Interracial Dating Apps and Sites

Interracial dating can be a tasking endeavor, especially in real-life scenarios. However, we live in an era where the internet is our friend.

Several websites have been developed to meet the need to date people from other races, and it has become much easier to search for your dream partner. When you give the alternative a deep thought, you discover that meeting random people in bars is complex and almost always amounts to nothing.

Besides, blind dates can be a nightmare no matter which set you up with someone. Although several sites and apps for interracial dating have cropped up over the past few decades, you do not have to try all of them.

That’s why we have compiled a list of the best 5 interracial dating sites and apps that are free to join. Also, we have incorporated a brief description for each to help you review and identify whether it is something worth giving a try.

1. Black White Interracial Dating

This application is available to both Android and iOS users via Google Play Store and iTunes, respectively.

Black White Interracial Dating is free to download. The app allows you to create a free profile with your best picture and the age group under which you fall, enhancing the chances that you will meet potential partners.

However, to improve the dating experience, it offers one-, three-, and six-months subscriptions at an affordable rate.

For most free dating apps and sites, users often complain about fake profiles, not being contacted by perfect matches, and users looking for casual conversation without commitment.

This app allows you to share ideas on diverse issues, including sports, restaurants, and dating. It ensures that you are matched with a single person with whom you share common interests.

2. InterracialCupid

A product of the Cupid network, InterracialCupid caters to individuals searching for love outside of their race. Although it does not have lots of members compared to other dating websites, it is still a popular site for persons looking for an interracial partner.

You don’t have to worry about how you will navigate the platform considering its simplicity and user-friendliness. On InterracialCupid, you can enjoy several features with the free version.

You can also decide to pay for a better user experience, but it is not necessary because the additional features are not essential. Once you sign up, you are matched based on your preferences and the specification on the profile.

3. InterracialPeopleMeet

It is easy to create an account on InterracialPeopleMeet as it does not require verification. You will enjoy browsing around the site as you aim to meet interracial singles.

The site also allows you to track potential events in your location if you want to try your luck at finding someone special. With a membership of more than 5 million, the site offers you an opportunity to find a variety of possible matches.

The good thing about the site is that you can opt to install a dating app, and you can hire a professional on-site to draft an eye-catching profile description for you through the site.

4. InterracialMatch

The site’s primary purpose is to enhance dating between black and white singles. If you have verified your profile, you can be able to filter your matches based on verified profiles alone.

The website also has an application for android users and has more than one million members globally.

On InterracialMatch, they welcome individuals with diverse sexual orientations or polyamorous couples to join. Besides, you will find the site is enjoyable to use where you can upload your favorite moments (just like on social media) for other members to view.

5. RBL Dating App

Another interracial dating app that targets black and white singles. The app has excellent reviews both on Google Play and the app store. RBL is a cut above the other dating apps, given that its staff checks and approves every application manually.

They ensure that the photos users upload are visible, with no blurs, and that they do not contain nudity. It means that this app is for serious dating, and you will not get bogged down by fake accounts and insensitive photos.

Last Thoughts

In conclusion, if you are wondering where you will find a mixed partner, we have provided a list of five free interracial apps and sites to give you a head start.

In addition, each of the apps or sites discussed above is relatively effective, with some being much more than the others.

When you do find a perfect match from another race, do not be shy, as society has continuously dropped the stigma against interracial relationships. The five dating sites and applications mentioned above are color-blind.

If someone’s skin color does not bother you, try out the 5 interracial dating sites highlighted above.