5 Fun Ways To Bet On The NFL Without Using A Sportsbook

Now that the NFL is back in full swing, the sports betting world is on fire. While fans are likely not limited at live games or limited in numbers when they are allowed, there is still plenty of betting action to be had online. That being said, there is simply no getting around the fact that this 2020 season is going to be different. Fans have already likely noticed and the season is only a few weeks in. So why not embrace change with more change, and take your betting proclivities in an entirely different direction. Instead of placing bets with a traditional sportsbook, consider the following fun and unique options.

An Office Pool

You’ve likely heard of an office pool. You may have even competed in one or two over the years. Whatever the situation, this is one of the most exciting ways to get and keep the sports betting action going. This not only encourages inner office communication, but it promotes all-around better comradery amongst co-workers. Co-workers need to be able to effectively communicate, and there is no better way to help the process than with office betting pools.

Winner Take All Survival Pool

The NFL is all about survival with their gauntlet of 16 games each season. Throw in the playoffs and it will make survival the name of the game. This is why the survival pool is fun and unique for bettors. In this type of betting platform, everyone chips in with an entry fee then all participants pick a single winner, rather than betting against the spread. Each week a competitor will be eliminated until there is only one person left standing to claim the ultimate prize.

Fantasy Sports Tournaments

How would you like to feel that you have more control over the games you’re betting on? While players don’t get to go as far as picking the plays, they are granted more control in fantasy football. This is why slot online Indonesia players love this platform so much. This is the true test of football knowledge, as you’ll have to draft a team with salary restriction, spot diamonds in the rough, and utilize the most effective players during certain games. It can get a bit overwhelming, but it does give one more control and excitement at the same time.

A Predict The Playoffs

This one gets its theory from the March Madness tournament. It is basically the same thing, as players will have to try to predict the 14 teams that make it to the coveted NFL playoffs. Picking the teams will be extremely challenging, as you’ll have to worry about matching up teams in different conferences and then deciding on a winner between those games. You’ll have to do this one by one until you are down to two remaining teams.

Super Bowl Squares

Super Bowl Squares is a type of betting platform that’s growing more and more in popularity. It basically involves designing a y and x-axis grid with the numbers 0 through 9. The goal is to have players buy specific squares on the board, and whoever happens to land on the grid that represents the final score will be the winner. For instance, if the score is 0 to 7 in the end, the player that lines up with those coordinates on the grid will take all. You can do this with half time scores as well. And as far as double digits go, you will use the second number for coordination.