5 Great Design Tips for Business

Did you know that it only takes a user 0.05 seconds to form an opinion about a website?

As you can see, attractive website and social media designs are critical to drawing in new customers.

But what types of designs are users drawn to? And do you need a digital marketing background to implement great designs?

We’re here to fill you in! Check out our guide below for five design tips for business teams and leaders!

  1. Using Purposeful Designs

When designing materials for your business, keep in mind your overarching message or mission statement.

What story are you trying to tell with your design?

Your designs, whether they’re simply for social media posts or for product branding, need to be purposefully designed. Your designs should give uninformed viewers a clear idea of what your business is all about from first glance.

  1. Easy Design Tips for Business Owners: Use Purposeful Colors

When designing anything from your website to your logo, choose your colors with a purpose.

Many people don’t know that color psychology is actually its own field of study. Understanding the basics of color psychology can help you create powerful logos and images.

For example, white is often used to represent youth and modernity. Red is used to convey passion and is used to draw consumers into taking action and making a purchase.

  1. Keep Things Simple

You should never be afraid of a little white space on your website and in social media posts.

By emphasizing simplicity in your marketing designs, you’re able to put more focus on your products and services.

Plus, too much clutter in a design will make it difficult for viewers to identify what they’re looking at instantly. No-fuss images and logos are more attractive and will ultimately make a bigger statement.

  1. Prioritize Usability: Making Mobile-Friendly Designs

When building websites for e-commerce, you have to think about from where visitors will be accessing your website.

In 2019, 52.2% of global internet traffic came from mobile phones. Based on that statistic, you can safely assume that about half of your target audience will be visiting your website on their phone.

If mobile visitors have to constantly zoom in and out to view products or access navigation buttons, they’ll grow frustrated and leave. To keep their attention, you must work with your web designer to make your site mobile-friendly.

  1. Be Consistent

When designing everything from your website to your logo to your branding materials, keep consistency at the forefront.

For consumers to immediately recognize you, you must have staple qualities that you use across the board. If you have a unique logo, make sure you’re using that across all your social media platforms.

The same can be said for something as small as the fonts you use. Using the same font on social media posts that you use on your website will help create a more cohesive brand that customers will be able to identify as your own instantly.

Build Your Business

As you’re starting out, these design tips for business leaders will help you build an attractive brand. While it can take some trial and error, you’ll be able to create the perfect appearance for your brand with a bit of effort!

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