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5 Home Improvements That Have the Biggest ROI

It’s no secret that home remodeling can be stressful. Sometimes it’s difficult to find the right contractor, and the project may last much longer than expected. And there’s often a lot of dust and debris that needs to be cleaned up afterward. However, when you consider the return on investment that comes with these improvements, the hassle is more than worth it. Here are a few home improvements that can lead to the biggest ROI.

1. Bathroom Addition

Does your home only have one bathroom? Well, you can get a significant return on your investment if you add another one. In fact, according to research, by adding a full bath you can increase the value of your home by as much as 20%.

So take a walk-through of your home and figure out how much extra space you have. If you have a room that you don’t use very much, then it can be the perfect space. Ideally, the room should be at least 30 square feet. If you’re only interested in adding a half bath, then consider converting your closest or small rooms beneath the stairs–you’ll need at least 18 square feet.

2. Energy-Efficient Windows

One thing at the top of most homeowner’s mind is a home that features energy-efficient windows. Why is this? Well, single-pane windows tend to be drafty. And this means that the homeowner will spend more on utilities. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that homeowners without energy-efficient windows can spend more than $400 more per year. If you are interested in lowering your energy bills, then consider replacing your windows.

3. Add a Deck

The term “staycation” is quite popular these days. This word refers to spending your vacation at home, or within driving distance, rather than traveling. As more people decide to spend their leisure time at home, they typically take more interest in their outdoor living spaces. You can easily increase the value of your home by simply adding a deck. And the best part is, if you’re handy with a hammer and nails, you can cut down on the cost of investment by doing most or all of the work yourself.

4. Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of your home. And this is typically the area where homeowners choose to get most of their ROI from. The key is to keep the style of your home in mind. If your home is modern, then that the renovations you make are modern. If your home is colonial, then make sure that the renovations you make are from that era.

5. High-Quality Furniture

Sometimes home improvements are not so much about remodeling as they are redecorating. Get rid of the clutter, explore natural lighting options, and add splashes of color. You may even consider purchasing a high-quality statement piece. Websites like offer eye-catching pieces that can add character to the room.


If you’re interested in getting the most value out of your home, then you need to consider where your money is going now, versus where it will go in the long run by making some changes. You may be surprised at the impact remodeling and redecorating can make on your home and long-term budget.

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