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5 Hot New Fashion Trends To Try This Holiday Season

While the Coronavirus pandemic might have not given us enough time to dress up this season, we still have the holiday season to look forward to. With all the gloom around us, it is time to start enjoying life, albeit in a safe and secure fashion.

In this article, we speak to some of the leading fashionistas and designers and ask them about the hottest fashion trends to the sport.

From eyelash extensions to hairstreaks and puffy sleeves, our experts have you covered when it comes to looking your best and rocking parties during the holidays.

If you are someone who has been looking to put together outfits for the various year-end parties, you should pay attention to what the experts are saying.

List of the 5 Hottest Fashion Trends to try this Holiday Season

  • 3D Eyelash Extensions

If you have been following music divas, models, or other celebrities this year, you will see how eyelash extensions are a rage. Whether it is for a casual Sunday brunch or a happening night-out you can always look at cheap and good 3d eyelash extensions in Singapore.

The best part about the new extensions is that they are far more resilient and will not come off that easily. Many good brands are also experimenting with organic lashes to ensure lesser burns and irritations for the users.

  • Glitter Face Masks

In the quest to be at your fashionable best, you should compromise on safety during the pandemic. However, the good thing is that you can ensure that your face mask perfectly matches your outfit to the ‘T’. Glitter face masks are trending and can be a major fashion accessory in 2020.

Many designers are also offering face masks, which are cut from the same cloth and in the same design language as your dress. You can go for them, or you can choose glitter face masks for that extra ‘wow’ factor to your dressing.

  • Puffed Sleeves

Puffy sleeves have made a stunning comeback to the fashion scene in 2020. Whether they are dresses or tops, you can not go wrong with puffy sleeves. Not only are they elegant to look at, but also allow your physical proportions to appear very enhanced and confident.

According to Cosmopolitan, your sleeves can never be too long! Using puffy sleeves on a top and accessorizing without a bra can make quite a few heads turn in your direction. From the biggest brands like Chanel and to your flea markets, puffy sleeves are everywhere.

  • Hair Streaks

It does not matter whether you are a K-POP fan or not, hairstreaks are in vogue in a major way. Whether it is college students looking to try something new, or creative professionals adding something extra to express themselves, hairstreaks are the way to go.

If you feel adventurous, you can go for bold shades like hot pink and neon blue. Or, if you are someone like me who wants to do it just for myself and not as a shout out to the world, icy grey is a great option. It brings in some newness and adds a fresh perspective to your look.

  • Cardigans

Yup, you read that right. Fashion experts say that cardigans are making a comeback in 2020 and how. These are the same kind of cardigans you used to wear as a kid, only much more fashionable and trendier. When it comes to cardigans, you need to see the knitting.

You can also accessorize the cardigan with a sleeveless top and a pair of ripped jeans with some boots. From going to the mall to attending a casual year-end party an effortless cardigan will help you hold your own in a sea of wanna-bees!

The Final Word

So, there you have it. The hottest fashion trends to help you rock year-end parties and the holiday season. Do you think there are some more trends, which should be added to the list to make it more comprehensive? Let us know in the comments section below.


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