5 Important Things You Should Know about Blockchain Technology

A trader of cryptocurrencies and bitcoin must possess the knowledge of blockchain technology. Blockchain technology is a new revolution in the financial market. Practically, it paves the way for a modern economy.

Bitcoin and blockchain technology is the new talk of media currently. But if you want to grow your trading business with cryptocurrencies, you must have a sound understanding of blockchain technology.

You cannot ignore some basic facts about the cryptocurrencies that are directly related to blockchain technology. It would help if you underwent all the essential points that blockchain technology may bother you while working with cryptocurrencies.

5 essential things that you must know about the blockchain technology:- 

There are several necessary things that a trader of the cryptocurrencies must know. Hence, let’s explore some of the essential facts in the light of this matter to get a better insight into it.

  • Blockchain has a decentralized database:- All the data in the blockchain are stored in the linear containers. These blocks form a chain of database arrangements, which is why it is known as blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology comprises your signature that anyone can view as it is placed in the data. It is semi-public, and this is why you have the keys to open your blockchain account.

There is no regulatory body like a bank or any financial institution to control the cryptocurrency transaction. It is the reason why its database is decentralized.

  • Distributed and shared accounting ledger:- Blockchain comprises distributed ledger accounts as it is semipublic. It shares the ledger across multiple entities without compromising the security. All the ledgers here are time-stamped, and this makes every transaction traceable and verifiable.

Every single transaction is validated using the databases of all the computer networks. The in-depth verification of all the data is one of the blockchain technology’s key strength features.

It prevents the chances of double counting. This is the reason why the cases of fraud and errors are virtually zero.

  • Peer to peer network:- There is no presence of a central server to indicate the transaction. Over the nodes, it maintains peer to peer networks using the nodes. Your computer can view this transaction if it is part of that network.

The concept of thin computing prevails in the case of blockchain technology. One user can easily make a transaction with another user instantly. From different locations of the world, you can make transactions easily in a short period. Due to the absence of any central server, the mode of transferring the money becomes faster.

Central servers make the transaction process slow, and this is why blockchain technology can make your transaction process faster.

  • Cryptocurrency:- The output of blockchain technology is cryptocurrency. Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency do not follow the protocol of the government. It follows its own set of protocols that are not dependent on government policies.

If a person holds the cryptocurrencies, he must pay some nominal fees to have this currency’s validation. This compensation is required to reduce the chances of the abuse of the blockchain system.

Hence to maintain your blockchain account, you need to pay fees as per directed. Otherwise, your account may get stopped. You must consider this fact if you want to make transactions through blockchain technology.

  • It provides open-source software:- Open-source software comprises very transparent technologies. Hence, it allows for massive modifications as per the requirement. Blockchain technology allows the developers to modify the systems or in the software as and when needed.

Therefore users can keep track of it continuously and can add some value to the core. The most prominent example is bitcoin, as it is fully open-source and maintains all the blockchain technology protocols. As the software of blockchain is open source, it allows necessary modifications when needed.


Hence, from the mentioned points above, it is very transparent that a trader needs to know the above matters if they want to trade with cryptocurrency. If you are not satisfied with this information and want to know more, you can visit Oil Profit official site to get more information. Hence, if you’re going to use bitcoin or cryptocurrencies, then you must know about blockchain technology well. Make sure you have the correct knowledge to deal with it.