5 Interesting Facts About Online Slots 

Online slots have quickly become an online casino staple for millions of players around the world. The appeal is easy to understand. Not only are they straightforward to play but they are also a whole lot of fun – depending on the type of online slots game you choose.

There is also no need to memorize complex strategies or approaches to gameplay, nor is there any pressure to gamble away lots of your money, which makes for a much more relaxed game. With all that said, online slots cannot be defined as a casual distraction any longer.

Granted, playing online slots real money is a great way to occupy your time, but you can also win a life-changing cash prize.

Here are 5 interesting facts about these fascinating games.

Players Can Use Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency has become a preferred payment method for online goods and services for many people around the world. Lots of its most frequent users come in the form of gamblers, specifically online slots players.

Popular types of cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin have been optimized for online use, which takes away the need for credit cards and payment processors while playing online slots.

This guarantees higher privacy levels and increased ease of use, and also provides more secure and efficient gameplay.

Bitcoin is also far quicker and cheaper. It isn’t widely recognized as a “real” currency which makes taxations completely unviable – which is a major advantage to online slot players everywhere!

Multiplayer Options

When we think of slots, we typically imagine someone playing the game by themselves. But that isn’t strictly the case. Some slots have been designed and intended for multiplayer use!

Even those that do not support multiplayer mode can still be used to play in online slots tournaments. These are often organized by the casino themselves as they are very popular with eager players looking to compete and win prizes.

Depending on the size of the tournament, cash prizes can range anywhere from a couple of hundred dollars to hundreds of thousands!

They Offer Maximum Jackpots

Whether in a traditional land-based casino or an online casino, slot machines can account for up to 85% of the revenue generated by a casino company.

Progressive online slot machines will sometimes see the jackpot continue to grow exponentially until it comes time to pay it out. There isn’t much logic as to when this payment will be made which makes it almost impossible to fully anticipate the outcome.

The general rule of thumb, however, is that the higher the jackpot gets, the more likely it is that it will payout. With progressive jackpots, there is no ceiling, so the majority of wins are life-changing!

They Have Global Popularity

The use of online slot machines is rising drastically in all corners of the world.

Europe has a large percentage of users which can be attributed to the legalization of betting across many European countries. The UK was one of the first countries to completely legalize the use of slot machines and several other betting machines.

However, online slots are illegal in some countries including the United Arab Emirates, Japan, and Qatar. If you are planning to travel abroad anytime soon and would like to pass some time playing online slots, check to make sure you aren’t breaking any strict laws!

You Can Play Without Paying

We know, this sounds way too good to be true. Well, you’re in luck!

Most available online slots have a “free play” mode that gives players the chance to test out that specific game before having to spend any of their own money on it. This usually comes in a form of a time limit or a certain number of free spins.

By doing this, you can sample a whole range of slots to see which ones you enjoy playing and rule out the ones you dislike. Some of these games may even provide you with free demos for you to play as long as you need to!

Usually, casinos will offer free spins as part of the signing bonus. The key difference here is that you can’t claim any of the money you might have accumulated throughout your free play. But with the free spins courtesy of a casino, you can keep all of your winnings.


The world of online slots has evolved over the years yet remains a bit of a mystery. While the thrills and challenges of playing online slots are still very prominent, it’s usually the visual appeal that initially attracts players to a particular game, more than a potential win.